What Should My Next Natty Stack Be?

  1. What Should My Next Natty Stack Be?

    I'm currently running Alpha T-2, green tea, and CLA. But I'm looking forward to next month and what my next natty stack should be. This is what i currently have in my personal stash not looking to buy anymore I have plenty as is.

    2 bottles of Triazole
    2 bottles of Erase
    1 bottle of T-Force
    3 bottles of 6-bromo
    3 bottles of Prime
    2 bottles of Pink Magic
    1 bottle of TestoPRO
    1 bottle of ReduceXT
    1 bottle of Sunami

    Thats all i got testbooster and AI wise. I'll be running it along side my staples, multi vitamin, protein, BCAA's, fish oil, preworkout(when needed), creatine, and mycogreen.

  2. hmmm looks like oyu have some good stuff,

    id start with testopro for the testofen and divanil, add in Prime for "trib" and pink magic, id follow those 8 weeks with time off

    basically youd have higher test levels overall and thanks to the divanil youd have higher free test which is needed,

    do you respond to prime? a lot of people dont, which if that is your case id run either t-force and sunami in place of it, in fact id suggest that even more so,

    8 weeks of t-force sunami, pink magic, and sustain alpha and you're rocking and rolling brother!

  3. Reduce XT is a cort blocker

    TestoPRO with 6-Bromo will likely result in a crazy high libido. I don't know much about Prime or Pink Magic.

    I would look at the different ingredients and stack products that work through different pathways/mechanisms. IE, TestoPRO will increase free test by binding to SHBG. I would stack that with something that increases LH/total test (and or reduces estrogen). I would throw in the Reduce XT regardless of which ones you decide on.
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  4. Erase and TestoPro has my vote!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Erase and TestoPro has my vote!
    I agree TestoPRO/Erase stack should be sick.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Erase and TestoPro has my vote!
    I'd throw the TForce in with that too...

    Save the Prime and PM for another run maybe throw in Triazole.

    That would Leave the rest for a 3rd stack.
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