Need a good joint support supplement

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    thats not responsible for your joint pain. trust me

    anyway, i have a new joint spray coming out on epharm. its an amazing formula with ingredients you have never seen before. several professional athletes have used this formula
    sounds good..but Im curious if its going to have a strong menthol odor..(Ill still check it out but just when Im staying indoors)

  2. I used the forged joint repair from ntbm and it seems to do the trick for me!

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    I don't think anything works as well as Super Cissus, that is for most people. Make sure your taking plenty of fish oil as well. Glucosmanine sulphate will work at very high dosagees...
    Agreed. As suggested I may try Orange Triad with SC as well..#$)#ing Knees

  4. I've tried many different joint support supps. None have ever really jumped out at me but they do help. I like Labrada's ElastiJoint (get the grape flavor, their fruit punch isn't so good). If you want something that has your basics in it such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate (not the HCl crap), then check out SciFit Joint Enhance with MSM. Good basic formula at good doses and really cheap.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  5. high dose resveratrol is something that really should be tried as well Featured Author



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