that has also been my experience so far also along with losing the water weight. guys have been worried estrogen like effects from daa. I have been experiencing anti estrogen effects with the daa. i got leaner (notably 2 weeks after starting daa). I assume my elevated androgen levels have had a anti estrogen effect. I used daa for about a solid 2 months before switching to testforce. my body continued to improve alot even with a subpar diet (I went on vacation) and food poising for 3 days. some of my lifts did improve by a few reps. prior to vacation i did 315 on incline for 6 reps ,i came back a month later and did it for 7. i squatted 315 for 18 and a month later i got 18 reps again but this time I preexhgausted with leg extensions. prior I also shoulder pressed 185 free weight for 15 reps and 1 month later with no training I did it for 16 reps. Usually when I take a extended time off I come back weaker and have to ease back in. This was not the case with daa. I got stronger without even training