ECA (ephedrine) and alcohol is dangerous?

  1. Question ECA (ephedrine) and alcohol is dangerous?

    Does anyone have a link to a detailed breakdown of the chemical processes between ephedrine and alcohol? I have read contradicting thoughts on this... some says it raises blood pressure, some say it lowers blood pressure, some say it can cause a heart attack. An article would be great if anyone has a link. Thanks.

  2. Both ephedrine and alcohol can raise your blood pressure. You gotta remember that ephedrine was around for a while and many people consuming alcohol while using it. If you really worried about this issue than your best bet would be to do one or the other.

  3. EC (ignoring the asprin as its not really necessary for non-obese users) will raise BP, whereas alcohol can lower BP in the short run if consumed in moderation, but long term regular use causes it to raise even when you're not actually drinking. If you're having a heavy night on the tiles then alcohol probably increases your BP due to dehydration.

    Ephedrine also speeds up the metabolism of alcohol btw, as do any major stimulants (ever had a friend that used cocaine and could drink for a national title? Thats why). Its a handy way of reducing hangover effects the day after, but be sure to drink a lot of water before bed and when you wake up.
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