Help With Bronkaid please!!!

  1. Exclamation Help With Bronkaid please!!!

    Hey guys, i just bought a box of bronkaid with 25mg of ephedrine sulfate. I was wondering if i can stack this with stimerex-es with ephedra? If so should i also take baby aspirin? And also i currently take NO shotgun will it be safe to take Shotgun with bronkaid and stimerex-es? Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  2. Don't stack the two. Are you doing the ECA stack? If you are there is no reason to stack the two. As far as the NO Shotgun, I would hold off on that as well. You could have blood pressure issues. The ECA will give you plenty of energy.

  3. It might not kill you, but I certainly doesnt sound healthy. Actually if you push yourself hard enough, and have all that stuff in your blood, it might kill you. I personally won't take broonkaid before I lift.

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