Has anyone crashed from Maximize V2

  1. Has anyone crashed from Maximize V2

    i crash from most geranium products so I was wondering how this one is for most people.

  2. I have not crashed from it. I'm on my second tub. New favorite preworkout. I picked it up from nutra when it was on sale for 22 dollars. Best bang for the buck

  3. Thanks. Im hearing nothing but great things about it. I think Ill try it.

  4. yea no crash here. Great energy! Love it

  5. No crash here either, about to start my second tub soon. Got mine when it was dirt cheap too

    Kinda reminds me of RPM(maybe not as much endurance) but with slightly more umph up front.

    Hope you enjoy it

  6. no crash at all the geranium levels are not crazy like others, youll really love it i bought like 7tubs so far

  7. havent used v2 but v1 i didnt at all. i supppose this post is really helpful lol
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  8. No crash for me either.. thank god lol
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  9. no crash here! good stuff

  10. yea no crashes, which is nice. i usually am so wasted after training im in bed for an hour or two or on the couch, since I started maximizeV2 my energy levels stay up for awhile after the workout and slowly taper off
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