Hey all,

I came across a pal who has all the d-bol, Deca, T200 I want. With all the damn posibilities my head is spinning. I read a bunch of guides here about prohormones, test etc... Back in my twenties I tried the 4Andro and it workerd great for me. (wish that stuff was still legal) But other than that I have never used anything more potent. I was about 195 back then. At 5'7" Im only about 165 these days (i cut my diet down just recently and lost 10 lb's after hammering the cardio for summer). I think bf is maybe 12%
I'm going to start putting something together for July or August. I want the time to do sufficient research and set up a good meal plan.
Also Im confused on the best latest SERM. Clomi and Tamox from cemproducts strong enough? I keep seeing Nolvadex spoken highly of but isnt it another banned product?
I spend about 1.5 to 2 hours in the gym 3 to 6 days days a week. Sometimes twice a day. I just started to get really serious about it again in the last 2 years. My goal is to try and get some lean weight on me like when i was in my 20's. And its so hard to pass up this opportunity.
What do ya think I should do here, any opinions?