New Stimulant X?

  1. New Stimulant X?

    Has anyone used it yet and how it is compared to the first version?

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  3. Here is one review:

    Just received my bottle, took 2 about 25 mins ago,
    and all I can say is MY GOD

    I was previously on ECA, and this ****s all over that,

    I feel pretty damn good, real uplifted, head clear and feel kinda floaty while energized to the max.

    So glad I got a bottle of this, I'll definitely be ordering more ASAP!

  4. And another review:

    I've been using Stim X for last few days, gunna run it for 2 weeks and il post in my log the weightloss at the end. Doing 5 days on 2 off 5 on and then il be done for a while as im just testing it... currently on day 5 so takin off the next 2 days.

    So far im likeing it, feeling much more chatty and when at work and with family etc but focused when im in the gym.

    Appetite suppression is spot on for me. Stim X is great because I can choose when I eat! I can control my cal intake very well because when I need to eat I can. Stim X gives me enough appetite suppression to go into a slight calorie deficit which I would have no chance of doing without it because im usually hungry 24/7.

    Energy is good, when I need to exert myself and keep going I can... linking this in with focus I don't seem to find myself as bored so cardio for 30+ mins seems like a breeze not so much a chore.

    Seems to last atleast 10+ hours for me, the energy seems to cut it before the appetite suppression however this is good because Im not eating loads before I go to bed and im able to sleep easily.

  5. is this from AX? If so, honestly, who would trust a company as such w/ the revlations that occurred and what they did....

    makes no sense...



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