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    Pretty much just creeping around nutra and noticed hard fx from anabolic extreme....i'm guessing thats the new mass fx am i correct? i also never really noticed that anabolic extreme left AM so never saw any updates....the ingredients look totally different from hard fx to mass fx but nutra still has mass fx listed....i loved mass fx when i ran it just wondering if this is the new and improved version
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  2. I am unaware that Mass FX is going to d/ed. But there are other options for Divanil products, if it would.

    Hard FX is actually a supplement that contains D-Aspartic Acid. A new thing that hit the supplement scene.
    There is at least 2 maybe 3 companies that are selling or soon to be selling D-Aspartic Acid in their supplement line.

    Nutra carries the bulk:http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/n...-80-grams.html

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  3. The new product is Mass FX The Destroyer, but NP I guess hasn't picked it up yet although they did pick up a few of their other new supps. Young Gotti what was your overall experience with the Mass FX that you took? What was the overall outcome and version did you take? For the new one out now is their 3rd version, then the maximum strength was their 2nd and then there was the original obviously. So what was your take on the version that you had?

  4. i thought mass fx the destroyer was going to be the new name, then i saw hard fx...got confused....i believe it was the maximium strength that i had, i stacked it with hyperdrol x2 and used trisorbogen and loved it...strength increases weren't anything crazy but body recomp was nice and gained 9 lbs which i was very surprised and pleased with...i did a mini review from work....ohh and instead of 4 mass and 4 hyper each day i took 3 each day and just ran it longer

    Mass FX/Hyperdrol X2 quick review from work
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  5. yeah i just saw that log of yours. so the product definitetly looks promising. promising enough that now i would like to put my pp sd muscle stack w/the trs on the auction block cause i really don't want to have to go through any of the harsh sides that come with it. but i should of thought of that before i paid all that gwop on the whole stack including all the support supps too. that stuff hurt my pockets big time, i could of got alot more non-hormonal supps if i would of thought it better. but what's a bro to do. live-n-learn, right. but appreciate your feed back, thank you

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    as far as I understood, hard fx is replacing Hyperdrolx2.
    oh hai.

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  7. another ax product i wont be able to try because of the damn forksoli

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    whats wrong with forskolin?
    Shouldn't be anything wrong with forskolin. It stimulates fat burning through the camp pathway without acting as a stimulant. Some studies also say it has testosterone boosting effects.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by T-AD View Post
    oh hai.

    Does the hard fx contain a testofen equivalent? That's what I perceive from the 50% fenusides.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    whats wrong with forskolin?
    Some experience irritable intestinal issues from it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf0420 View Post
    Some experience irritable intestinal issues from it.
    Omg I do, I get the runs but I actually like it for cleaning my body out

    matter of fact I might add more to my next order
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  12. I just started Leviathan Reloaded, stacked with AlphaBurn, Today. The LR has done a number on my stomach. I'm gonna need some Imodium when I go home. It takes a few days for my body to get used to it.


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