N2Slin versus Slin

  1. N2Slin versus Slin

    Anyone know the difference between these 2 products?


    Slin, 120 Capsules, Sports Performance, Increased Growth, LG Science

  2. Quote Originally Posted by RocketFan View Post
    Anyone know the difference between these 2 products?


    Slin, 120 Capsules, Sports Performance, Increased Growth, LG Science
    The difference...they are different formulas. The similarity...they have the same goal in mind, but use different approaches and ingredients. As for feedback which is more effective...I can not comment because I have not used either product and honestly it depends upon the individual.

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  3. Obviously the ingredients are much different for each...
    Don't know what else you really want to know lol...
    The Need2Slin looks a bit expensive and I don't see any reason whatsoever for them to add Synephrine into the formula. IMO there are much cheaper options out there and the end result would be the same. You could buy bulk Coleus and use it at an effective dose per day, p-slin/slinsane, and bulkALCAR and it would be cheaper, and you'd get more of each ingredient.

  4. I have not used need2slin yet, but very impressed with there other supplements I have tried. For this type of Supplement I love P-slin to death!!!!
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  5. Thanks for the replies guys.
    Can we get opinions on which of the following would be best for curbing fat gain/fat loss on a bulk diet? Slin, Anabolic Pump, p-slin, N2Slin, or any other nutrient partitioner?

  6. P-Slin vs. AP

    I can answer that... Anabolic Pump the whole way.

    AP is a composite of P-Slin tannins and one of the ingredients in Yellow Gold.

    I was hoping that P-Slin and Yellow Gold would give AP type results, although Nutra is always out of P-Slin.

    The rest of the "Slins" I dunno

  7. Oh for a diet I'd use Glycobol.

    I've never used it, its just what I hear. AP ... pumps you up and thats my experience.

    Glycobol is more fat-loss - that might not be a fair representation.

  8. I am dieting now with AP and have great results; it helps hold onto muscle and focus on burning fat. I think people tend to shy away from AP because it doesn't allow for as much weight loss on the scale due to muscle retention and growth in exchange for less fat. You can't go wrong with AP and it is so versatile. There are many different protocols for it that can get you the results you want and tons of info here on how to use them. Never used Glycobol but do want to give it a try sometime, heard only good things.


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