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  1. Underrated:
    1. Axis Labs
    2. RPN
    3. Primaforce
    4. AI
    5. Avant (the early innovators)

    1. USP Labs (I guess I'm a non-responder....to all of their products!)
    2. EAS
    3. Muscle-Tech
    4. BSN
    5. LG Sciences (After the M-1-T days)

  2. Quote Originally Posted by H8dook View Post
    NOW Foods

    Is there enough bandwidth here to generate an overrated list???

  3. I liked Biotest way back in the day, I freaking loved Ribose-C and MD-6 ( both Nor-e & e variants ) Tribex and powerdrive where good to go as well......I really miss those days.

    Now they suck balls IMO.


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