1. DTHC ?

    Ive taken DTHC a few times now and I have usually followed the first 5 day protocol at 2 for those days except for the last time I jumped straight to 4 a day from day 1. I was just wondering if that recommendation was just to make sure you dont have any adverse effects to the ingredients or if it has to do with something else, because my last run was less effective than the previous. Thanks.

  2. Maybe try postin thread in the GD section bro? Just ordered me some!

  3. Try starting with a lower dose. Everyone has a different sweet spot...mine is simply 2-3caps per day. I feel my best and libido is high.

  4. Lower doses are better for libido, higher doses are better for that "Alpha Male" feeling, and the results that come with it.

  5. Well i know my sweet spot is 5-6 on w/o days and 4 when im off. But guess what i meant to say is...is there like a reverse loading protocol for it similar to the Nos Esther or other Get Diesel products, or is it just a precaution. Thanks for the replies.

  6. dam, I never heard of anyone taking 5-6, I didnt think anyone needed that many, Hope I dont or my bottle wont last long! Cant wait till it gets here.


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