Reset A.D. Question

  1. Reset A.D. Question

    Been doing some research on Reset A.D. and find alot of different comments and topics that people have with it. I just finished a cycle today of DTHC. I plan on taking febuary off of any sort of test boosting supp, and was originally going to take march off as well then start another cycle of novedex (i know everyone will bash this, but i liked it when i took it last year) in april.

    Would taking Reset A.D. for 30 days in march right before i start a cycle of a test booster in april be bad? I read about Reset A.D. having a small amount of a hormone in it, so would a 30 day break after taking it be better before starting anything else?

  2. No, you're fine dude. You can take the Reset A.D. in March like you planned.

  3. Agreed ^^^

    Reset AD is for adrenal fatigue. It should be matched with a "body builders regular diet", in actual fact the closer the better.

    Oh ... I see you are worried about pregnenolone. I wouldn't be. Its a neurosteriod .. oh its too complicated. Personally I go for a heavy detox - unless you've got fatigue or trying to cut out stimulants.

  4. when you say the closer the better, are you referring to being close to a cycle of something?

  5. Diet... I mean. I don't want to reel out diets - its based on cortisol control thus less stress on the adrenals.



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