beginner looking for advice

  1. beginner looking for advice

    I just recently started working out and need some advice. I just bought some Optimum Nutrition Whey and my friend threw me a bottle of Twin Lab Amino Fuel 1000 Capsules. I was wondering what would be the most efficient way to use these products. My goal is to gain some weight. Right now I am 5'4 and only about 130lbs.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Your best supplement right now is food. Eat. A lot. Whey is good for after your workout for a fast digesting protein source. Eat lots of lean protein sources and low glycemic carbs. According to your stats, assuming you're ~18 years old, your maintenance calorie level is about 2100 to 22000 calories. You want to be at least 500 calories over this if you're looking to gain weight. I suggest checking out the nutrition forum.

  3. Wait on the supplements (with the exception of whey) and take the advice above. Your young and swmming in a pool of test. You will grow so fast without the assistance of supplements or anything else unnatural besides food and proper training along with needed rest.

  4. good advices there

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