Anabolic 20-Hydroxyecdysone and Ecdysones?

  1. Question Anabolic 20-Hydroxyecdysone and Ecdysones?

    I just got off cycle and have been investigating NON-hormonal anabolics such as Ecdysterone. What I find most interesting about Ecdysterone, is that it is steroidal in structure, although it is not related to testosterone or any other sex hormone. It's actually an Ecdysteroid hormone derived from the Russian Rhaponticum Carthamoides plant and has no effect at all on natural hormone levels. There seems to be so much conflicting data about the effectiveness of Ecdysterone, and I think I pretty much figured it out.

    Basically, there is a plethora of different biologically active Ecdysteroids present in Rhaponticum, the primary active anabolics being 20-Hydroxyecdysone and Turkesterone. The interesting thing to note is that in the scientific studies conducted, it was the mixture of specific Ecdysteroids that was found to be responsible for enhancement of muscle protein synthesis. The research indicated that the whole extract of Rhaponticum carthamoides containing a mixture of Ecdysteroids possess a much superior physiological activity compared with the activity of purified individual constituents (Seifulla 1999). ONLY Ecdysterone extracted from the Russian herb Rhaponticum Carthamoides will yield the full spectrum of Ecdysteroid content necessary to produce an anabolic effect.

    I also found this:

    "The research on the effects of Rhaponticum carthamoides has been done for the last 60 years on the whole plant extract with 20-Hydroxyecdysone and turkesterone being the principal active compounds. Ingested ecdysteroids survive exposure to gastric acid and are rapidly absorbed into the enteric blood vessels. Excretion is primarily via the liver. More recent research has identified 8 ecdysterones, and has confirmed synergy in their combined usage (Baltaev and Abubakirov 1987; Gorovits et al 1974; 1977). When using a powdered extract of Rhaponticum carthamoides ensure that it is standardized to 50-65% 20-Hydroxyecdysterone. This will ensure that the extract possesses an effective amount of 20-EC and with a natural extraction process it should yield between 75% and 100% total Ecdysones or ecdysteroids. When properly extracted, Rhaponticum carthamoides should have 2 parts 20-Hydroxyecdysterone to 1 part total ecdysones or ecdysteroids. Rhaponticum carthamoides contains a number of other biologically active compounds believed to act in harmony with ecdysterones, imparting its unique adaptogenic qualities (Azizov and Seifulla 1998). It is rich in flavanoids, sesquiterpene lactones, and polyines (Opletal et al 1997)."


    "All of the scientific data is based on the studies conducted on Rhaponticum Carthamoides. Thus, any Ecdysterone product derived from the Chinese Cyanotis Vaga or any other plant is completely useless for bodybuilding purposes. Even if you standardized the extract for 99% Ecdysterone, Cyanotis Vaga lacks the OTHER very powerful and biologically active ecdysteroids, so the extract will not yield the proper Ecdysteroid content; we are not extracting for ONE compound, we are extracting for a spectrum of Ecdysteroid compounds: "More recent research has identified 8 ecdysterones, and has confirmed synergy in their combined usage". (Baltaev and Abubakirov 1987; Gorovits et al 1974; 1977).

    Take a look at the BOLDS. I think this is why there has been so much disappointment with Ecdysterone supplementation for bodybuilding purposes, it just hasn't been done properly. So, this certainly begs the question, are there any companies that can bring this Ecdysterone extract that is standardized to contain the scientifically proven ratios of Ecdysteroids, 60% 20-Hydroxyecdysone, 40% Ecdysones??

  2. Any thoughts?

  3. Bump! I am interested in this too.

  4. I found a product called Omnibolic and it contains "Ecdybolan" which is standardized for 60% 20-Hydroxyecdysone and 40% Ecdysones, this could be the one! I tried to post a link to but it won't let me

  5. I went ahead and purchased 2 bottles of Omnibolic v2.0, I will keep everyone updated.

  6. everypost u talk about ecdy...trollin bro?

  7. You've done some good research, so kudos on that.

    And I believe you're on the right track. If so interested, I sell a course on the optimal application of Ecdy, with a focus on RCE based products. I'm as open to learning as anyone, but if there's a more comprehensive work on the practical application of Ecdy and how to get the most out of it.........I haven't seen it.

    You can find it by googling "organic anabolism".

  8. And I'm very interested in SSE's product as well. Do keep us posted on your results...

  9. The only time i have ever felt any effects from ecdy was when np use to sell it in bulk(90percent i think)...and i dosed it at 2grams ED... and i followed a log where someone on here injected ecdy and seemed to work... since most of the studies provided by eastern europe were based off ecdy being injected... pro-anabol has worked the best for me but only when taking 4-6 caps per day...but other than that ecdy is a bust... dont expect anything from it...even when i felt it"working" it still didnt do much...


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