Nutrex anabol5. positive in dope test?

  1. Nutrex anabol5. positive in dope test?

    Hi again. just asking . Nutrex anabol5. will it cause a positive test in a urine dope test in a bb contest?

  2. no, it is just ecdy.

  3. but the ingredients are like.. almost the same compound as sus250. just that the name is ester , so are u sure 100% that its not a PH/roid, anything taht can cause positive? sorry but i need to be 100% sure i have a com coming up soon! tahnks!!!!

  4. don't worry, it is all marketing. It is non steroidal and is underdosed ecdy.

  5. Plus it wont do anything... if ur in singapore just stick to a few oral's that leave ur blood quickly and youll be fine... everyone does steroids there anyways...



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