help me formulate a good topical test booster

  1. help me formulate a good topical test booster

    Im planning to buy some penetrate and put together a good test booster. I'll gladly log my experience. I have considered...

    DHEA (seems to work well in dermacrine)
    6-oxo (if I can still find it)

    (would these below work in transdermal?)
    Long Jack 100
    Muira Puama

    Any input would be appreciated

  2. trez prolly would, you need to look up the molecular weights for each to know for sure. but if something is bioavailable, theres no reason to weigh down the carrier with it. stuff like divanex, maca, iicarin, should all be fine in pill form. alcar might work well as well.

  3. i like sustain alpha

  4. I put 2-3 grams of T-Rez in a bottle of Formestane, which mixed good, there is no noticeable taste or smell to T-Rez, did not change the applicability or smell of the transdermal at all, so don't see a problem there. Plus the health benefits of T-Rez are numerous, and have been thoroughly researched.

    You could use the ingredients in Dermacrine to make a topical, such as DHEA, Pregnolone, Chrysin, T-Rez, and would be interesting to use some Formestane as well, in a bottle of penetrate or similar type topical.

    The 7,8 benzoflavone is unavailable from my google searches, at least to the general public.
    But the addition of formestane should make up for the lack of it.

    As long as you keep your total powder amount within the instructions for Penetrate, you should be okay.

    The DHEA, Pregnolone, and Chrysin are available in powder form.

    I don't think the other products would be wise. The Divanex is orally dosed at 400mgs., 3 x a day=1200mgs., it tastes funky and I don't think you want to rub that on your body...yuck! You would probably turn brown from the color, therefore making it unsuitable for a transdermal.

    As to the other products you mentioned with the exception to the 6-Oxo, which I don't feel you need if using the Formestane, I would use them orally.

    Good Luck.

  5. formestane, t-rez, dhea, Pregnolone, and Chrysin look like they'll be included. I'll probably also use divanex(possibly testopro), t-force and maybe LJ100 orally. Thoughts???

  6. Sounds good to me. Post your final ingredients, amounts, etc. when you mix your transdermal, how you liked etc.

  7. go to a doctor that loves giving out test. then complain and talk him into you giving you some test cream, your excuse would be that you have no sex drive or motivation,


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