1. Tribulus

    Is straight up trib worth taking? im on CEE right now and have gained about 5 pounds and i want my test levels as high as possible for highest possible gains. i have a bottle of 2nd gear, but i wanna wait to use that. so is trib something to buy?

  2. or is ZMA better for what im looking for

  3. if you are wanting a cheap test booster go with IC3, Long Jack, Maca, etc. Just buy bulk and measure out per day. If you've got money to spend grab DTH, Sustain (as you know!), IGF-2, or activate extreme. Just wait till next week when you come up and I'll see if I have anything for you.

  4. i know u got that 2nd gear but i wanna save that

  5. I know, look at the items I just suggested you. They are great bulk products.

  6. Trib seems to work for some and not for others. And the some trib, like what's used in Prime works for some that normal trib doesn't. In the end Trib is cheap and worth at least experimenting with. I will tell you Trib deffinately works for me at least. The above suggestions by TexasLifter are good too.

  7. IC3's effectiveness is still in question.

  8. You can boost test with food and compound lifts. Try taking some trib with foods that raise test.

  9. Trib has little effect on increasing testosterone. There have been numerous studies citeing this ( However trib has been shown to help with sexual function. Go with testofen (from fenugreek) though...its been demonstrated effective in human trials to raise testosterone and you also get the sexual benefits too! ive used it myself and will say that it does work, and its relatively cheap.


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