Someone with knowledge and experience plz help

  1. Someone with knowledge and experience plz help

    Long time roamer on the boards but this is my 1st post so bear with me please.

    I'll be 25 in 2 months, 5'10, 183lbs, 7.5-8% BF, diet is in check trying to get at least 3000 cals a day

    currently taking:

    animal pak
    cold milled flax seed
    animal dessicated liver tabs
    gaspari myofusion
    vpx shotgun
    vpx synthesize
    NOW zma
    bulk GABA

    my goal is to put on 10-15 pounds of lean mass, wanting to make an attempt at some bodybuilding contests.

    I'm looking to spend about a $100 dollars to add something to what I'm currently taking. Have done a lot of research and these are the options I have come up with.

    ALRI EVO stack (would used diff pct than restore) (hormonal)
    Bold 200 + pct (hormonal)
    Halodrol Liquigels (contains same stuff as 6-oxo so im guessing hormonal)
    X-Factor + Activate Xtreme
    Mass FX + Hyperdrol

    Please let me know what you think of these or feel free to suggest something else. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.

  2. have you taken a ph/ds before?

  3. no but I have done a ton of research and am aware of the sides, precautions, and importance of a pct.

    I have gathered that bold and jungle warfare are both mild ph's that would be fit for a beginner due to an easy pct and low sides.

  4. never tried jungle warfare but ive read the newer version as opposed to the other two versions isnt very good.ive only read good things about bold.for my first ph run i was trying to decide between hdrol or the one by appnut.both are pretty mild ph's as beginning week 3 of the one and have gone up from 179 day 1, to 186 this morning and BF has gone from 14.8% to currently am very pleased with the results.choice is yours just giving my .02

  5. thanks for the info, I read a little bit about the one, how long you going to cycle it, you getting any sides, and what are you planning for a pct?

  6. im going to run it for 5 weeks given im still making gains at the end of week far no sides except very minor lethargy after a long day of work, but really this happens anyways BP has stayed around the same a little spike after i work taking taurine, milk thistle, EFA's and hawthorne while on cycle along with my multivitamin,protein, and creatine.For PCT im going to use the 2nd gear it comes with til the bottles gone and hypertest for 8 weeks.then of course i will continue to take the hawthorne, taurine, multiv, protein,creatine, and EFA's.(2nd gear has milk thistle in it)im going to take rampage as my PWO cus it contains forskholi(spelling ?) which will help raise my cAMP levels and might throw in some antioxidants as well.

  7. sweet, good to hear, good luck on the rest of your cycle

    btw how much are you eating? 7lbs in 3 weeks is a pretty solid gain

  8. minimum 3000 cals a day usually get around the end of the day its hard to keep eating

  9. anyone have more input on my possible stack choices?

  10. Nothing you have listed is going to put on 10 - 15 . Bold is junk and the halodrol gels are just arachidonic acid with some atd thrown in there. X factor, activate x, mass fx, and hyperdrol are great products, but I dont think their going to give you the results your looking for. If your thinking about running your first cycle, I would recommend H-drol (original halodrol before it was banned and reformulated) or epistane/havoc. Both are great for beginners and usually offer very little, if any sides. You can probably get by on an otc pct but I strongly suggest that you have a SERM on hand (clomid, nolvadex, Torem etc.) just in case.

  11. I was under the influence that epistane was a moderately strong ph with a moderate chance of sides. glad to hear you mention h-drol, it was one of the other options I was thinking about taking after reading it was rather mild.

    could I get by on an h-drol cycle running it with cycle support and reversitol as a pct for my first time?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by hasle1jb View Post
    I was under the influence that epistane was a moderately strong ph with a moderate chance of sides. glad to hear you mention h-drol, it was one of the other options I was thinking about taking after reading it was rather mild.

    could I get by on an h-drol cycle running it with cycle support and reversitol as a pct for my first time?
    Great idea using the cycle support... Alot of guys tend to neglect support supps while on cycle and throughout pct so your definitely on the right track. As far as H-drol goes, most people seem to agree that it is very easy to recover from and maintain gains. However, this is not to say that the same goes for everyone since we all have a different chemistry. IMO, I think you can get by using reversitol, but you may want to throw in something like post cycle support too and maybe something for cort like lean fx or lean extreme.

  13. reversitol and post cycle support are basically the same thing aren't they? both have Trans-Resveratrol. I was also looking at 6-oxo instead of reversitol, would that be better for pct?

    what have you used for cortisol?

  14. No. Use Stoked or Sustain Alpha (PP). Check PCT forum carefully.

  15. was also looking at the ams hormone regulation kit today which is 1 ad/4 ad and was wondering how this compares to h-drol

  16. I ran a cycle of the halodrol liquis a couple months back. I was eating a clean, high caloric intake and working out frequently.. I noticed almost close to no gains while on the liquigels.. almost seemed like I was taking nearly nothing. I have also taken omnevol and the older halodrol-50 and gained upwards of 7-9lbs on each, so I have some success with PHs.. Id definately go with another option, the liquigels can't stack up to the original halodrol-50s imo bro.
  17. “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  18. i put on 10lbs with the mass fx and hyperdrol x2 stack, it's a little pricey but u can meet your goals with it

  19. 1-andro from finaflex was a good first cycle for me. Its supposed to be pretty mild but i still did put on 9lbs on a 5week cycle.

  20. these guys in here are right about upping the calories. are you already taking protein powder? bulking is going to take lots of that. If your looking for an alternative to protein or a way to complement it, make sure you save some of your cash reserve for PF3, which will be released soon.


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