PH Cycle am I missing anything....thanks

  1. PH Cycle am I missing anything....thanks

    After alot of research and talking with my roommate who has taken PH's on multiple occassions...I have decided to give one a try. I am 25 yrs old, 5'10 and weigh 175, pretty lean around the 7-8% bf and want to get completely shredded.

    I have taken a number of different supps in the past, and am going to try Equistane by Pro Cycle Labs as a PH. There has not been much feedback done on it, but, from looking at the ingredients and comparing it to other PH's it seems to be a combination of a Tren derivative and Epistane. My goal is to get extremely hard and lean, also, I have a feeling this will be a mild PH and not as intense as diet is clean usually around the 3000 cal mark, and for a PCT I have chosen to take Vitrix/Plasma Jet/Novadex.

    If I am missing anything or there is any feedback that can be given by anyone who has used Equistane before it would be appreciated. I plan to run a 30 day cycle, followed by a 4 week PCT. Currently I am getting taking milk thistle on a daily basis prior to starting the PH. I plan on starting the PH on Monday of this coming week.

    Any advice would be great...Thanks alot in advance for your help.

  2. question

    did it say up top that ph/steroid stuff doesn't go here?

  3. Fist off GET A SERMS

    that PCT is horrible no offence.

    2nd of all get Cycle Assist or Cycle Support to run during your cycle (pre load with hawthorne berry)

    You can also add in a test booster and cortisol control product into your PCT if you like (starting week 3)
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