Poll: Do use a whole food supplement?

How many of us use a whole food supplement ?

  1. How many of us use a whole food supplement ?

    I'm wondering if most of us on here use a fruit/vegetable supplement on here.
    Some people still think we get what we need from our diet, but the AM crowd is smarter than that ! If you use one, which do you use?

  2. Yes veg is very important. Its considered more 'potent' than fruit.

    Precisely what is in veg or what it is doing is more debatable but its got a whole load of anti-oxidants thats for sure - besides the usual vits/minerals (which you can get from supplements). Its also got a whole load of pesticides and herbicides in it, but the consensus seems to be that whatever it has that is beneficial is more important than the increased cancer risk from the herbicides/pesticides.

  3. I don't but if someone would like to point me in the right direction. Are supplements like that not quite expensive?
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  4. Yes and no... You can get a whole load of broccoli for no more than a daily dose of Prime.

    Prime does something very specific whilst cabbage/broccoli/green beans/sprouts we don't exactly know, but to be honest for a life-time I sooner invest in that stuff.

  5. I've changed my supplement regiment a bit the past week. Pre-w.o. used to be a N.O. product or 30g WM/10g bcaa and has now been swapped out for 2 bananas. My post-w.o. used to consist of 60g WM/10g bcaa, and has been replaced with 16 oz. milk, 1 scoop ATW isolate, 5g bcaa, 5g glutamine and 1 cup oats. I'm trying to rely mostly on whole foods instead of supplements, besides the necesities (protein, AA's). Lets see if I can build some true wholesome mass.

  6. The other big one is berries.

    Buying powdered berries (e.g. from PP) tastes not great and its just as expensive as buying fresh berries. Again don't ask me whats in them but for bodybuilders or nutritionists they recommend berries. I could eat berries all day.

  7. It's pricey but I use Greens +. Taste good, and it seems to have alot in it without the junk compared to some other veg/fruit sups.

  8. i think what i use is called Greens Now... or something like that.... my brother actually got it but didnt like the taste so he gave it to me... it's minty

    anywho ill check the actual name when i get home


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