Protein & extreme heat exposure

  1. Protein & extreme heat exposure

    Hey guys I left some protein in my car for like 2 weeks straight. The car gets really hot inside. Outside temperature was probably 90+ the entire time. The protien is inside the shipping box still if that matters. Then inside a box and then in little packets.

    Should I throw all this stuff out ? Or is it still viable? Some people cook with their powders, or so Ive heard. If that can be done atleast some of the protein surveved right?

  2. It should be OK. I've read both on heat destroying protein and not destroying it. Even is heat does ruin it, it should be OK in your case since it was only 90 outside and it was semi insulated in the box.

  3. I have read that at about 160 degrees is starts to lose some of its bio-active compounds. So i believe you are probably good.

  4. you should be good.

  5. i used to have a friend who was super anal about letting his protein get warm at all in fear it might lose potency. good to know its 160 deg limit

  6. Well the temp outside was like 90+, but you gotta remember the car was sitting in the sun just roasting. I dont know how hott it got inside the car but it was burning to touch some of the metal and stuff. Still think im ok?

  7. Well if your worried since it was in the heat and if you can afford to buy more, just buy more so you will know for sure.

  8. i would be more worried about bacterial infection, but that's just me.


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