Creatine And BCAA's Before/After Workout?

  1. Creatine And BCAA's Before/After Workout?

    Should I be taking Creatine and BCAA's before and after my workouts? And is a product that combines creatine and BCAA's a good idea?

  2. I take my cre-02 60 minutes before workout and then sip my BCAAs during workout. that sound good?

  3. I usually take everything after,mainly because it's easier. I used to take creatine 5g before and 5 after but I switched due to work now i take it all at once and to be honest it didn't make a shred of difference.

  4. i go after

  5. I do my BCAA's during my work out sip on them and since been taking Trinitine i take before workout. But if just mono do it after.

  6. As far as creatine uptake, it is slightly better to take it after with whey and carbs, but it won't make a noticeable difference. Taking creatine before may be a significant difference, as it may have a greater effect due to higher levels circulating in the blood. The theory is this is why the 20gr/day loading phase shows the highest, fastest strength gains: the 4x/day dosing ensured there was creatine circulating pre- and during the workout.
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    I sip BCAA's all day, 5 scoops of Axcell. Creatine post wo.

  8. Recoverpro sipped on throughout the day provides your muscles with a constant supply of BCAA's to grow.
    If you add in some Essentials, you have everything you need to grow!

  9. Dose anybody notice diareah from bulk nutrition BCAA's?


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