Can I be on Resveratrol for ever

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  1. Can I be on Resveratrol for ever

    Question is pretty simple. Are there any negative effects of being on resveratrol for a long time? Will it lost its potent effect over time?

    P.S. Right now im using Total Force 1. 99% transdermal trans-resveratrol and other ingredients. I LOVE IT!

  2. Can u show me the url where u buy that? 99% sounds nice

    P.S I'd say most definitely yes.

  3. I used the NOW caps for a few months without adverse side effects. Some of the literature I read prior to buying and using indicated it was safe to take year round.

    I too am interested in your transdermal, please post the link or send it over via PM. Thanks.

  4. yes. it is good stuff. if you can do it I say go for it AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  5. There are people who have been using it for years in a row now. Take a look at, they have a special resveratrol subsection.

  6. Total Force 1 Information
    ______________________________ __________
    What is included and why?

    Arginine pyroglutamate, l-lysine HCL, and L-ornithine HCL, are included in the proportions of which they have been found to significantly raise GH (Growth Hormone) levels.

    Agmatine is a neurotransmitter and a byproduct of arginine that further stimulates peptide hormones such as GH and LH (Luteinizing Hormones).

    GABA has been found to raise GH levels up to 500% percent, according to several studies that were conducted 25 years ago. Current studies still support that claim.

    GABOB was added to the formula for it's ability raise GH levels. Its oral bioavailablity is not the best, so before our transdermal carrier, injection was the only feasible option to receive he desired effects from this compound.

    Methyl valerate (aka methyl pentoate) is a constituent of valerian root, which is prescribed in Russia for anxiety and insomnia. It provides a calming and relaxing effect that further promotes a restful night of sleep.

    Niacin is included in the formula as it is a potent gh releaser and works synergystically with the other secretagogues to raise gh levels even higher.

    99 percent transresveratrol and indole-3-carbinol are included in Total Force
    One to support a favorable ratio of testoterone to estrogen.

    Indole-3-carbinol effectively increases the conversion of estradiol into the weaker metabolite2-hydroxy estrone.

    Resveratrol is included in the formula in its most potent extract, yielding 99 percent transresveratrol. Transresveratrol is found to have antioxidant effects that are 400 times that of vitamin e. Transresveratrol has also been documented to act as an aromatase inhibitor. It increases sperm count by increasing concentrations of follicle stimulating hormone, or fsh, and increases testosterone by raising LH.

    A small amount of melatonin was added for its ability to inhibit somatastatin and stimulate gh through other pathways. Melatonin is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and offers a wide array of benefits for the immune system.

    Alpa gpc stimulates the release of gh via acetylcholine channels. aplpa-gpc increases endogenous growth hormone secretion by the anterior pituitary in conjunction with growth hormone releasing hormone, ghrh.

    Pyroxidal-5-phosphate is a cofactor in the synthesis of gaba. some people have trouble converting vitamin b-6 to pyroxidal-5-phosphate and for those people taking this active b-6 may increase gaba levels. pyroxidal-5-phosphate is added to lower prolactin levels as well.Total Force One was formulated with ingredients that are scientifically documented to increase GH,LH,and testosterone. The ingredients are used in amounts and calibrations that were designed specifically for our state-of-the-art transdermal carrier.

    Enjoy it guys

  7. Hmmm. Looks shady to me. Theres no description of how much of the ingredients their putting into it.

  8. yeap i already contact the company for details of theirs products sounds interesting

  9. But seems this compnay is the competition for Primordial Performance??

  10. Force of green labs.. Good to see F.O.G is still around.

  11. It actually looks pretty decent to me. I have doubts about transdermal resveratrol though. You need to reach certain plasmalevels of it to be effective for sirt1 activation.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    Force of green labs.. Good to see F.O.G is still around.
    So its a decent company?

  13. Look this guys:

    Transdermal Carrier

    Carrier Matrix:

    Our transdermal products offer greater permeation through
    intracellular pathways than typical transdermals such as
    dimethylsulfoxide [DMSO], pluronic lecithin organogel [PLOgel], and
    isopropyl alcohol. This is accomplished through custom compounding
    and a rich hydrating formulation that doesn't burn or emit localized
    odor. In order to pass through the epidermis and administer a
    significant dosage directly to the bloodstream, our product takes
    advantage of the skin's moisture evolving properties. The penetration
    enhancing formulation temporarily prevents sweat from wicking away,
    adding moisture to the normally dry epidermis. This sets up a perfect
    atmosphere for diffusion through intracellular pathways. Our products
    also provide an antibiotic/antiseptic to combat airborne pathogens
    which many other transdermals allow to pass unchecked into the
    bloodstream. Aloe prevents the burn commonly experienced by DMSO
    users and chapping experienced by finasol users.

    Quality Control Measures:

    We will only use the purist pharmaceutical grade raw materials
    available. Most ingredients used in our facility are obtained from the
    same suppliers that supply the pharmaceutical industry and each
    ingredient obtained is accompanied with a certificate of analysis to
    prove that it was analysed prior to purchase and that its quality was
    found to comply with pharmaceutical grade standards set by either the
    US or Brittish Pharmacopoieas.

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed for every
    aspect of preparing our product. From how to effectively clean the
    glassware used to make your product, to checking our packaging to
    ensure they all meet our high standards. This ensures every step in
    the production process is tightly controlled so there is little room
    for error.

    Studies To Prove Carrier Efficacy:

    Our transdermal foam creates a moisture barrier, allowing sweat to
    become the osmotic diffuser. In studies our transdermal system offers
    a bioavailability of up to 80% where the supplement's molecular weight
    is less than 300 and provides up to 40% delivery for heavier

    The transdermal carrier builds off of the research and technology of the Finaderm carrier for the most part.

  14. FOG is having some good reviews on various boards, search google you should find it.

  15. GHRP-6, meso-1, etc, google universal kits.
    doing my own thang!

  16. well yes......until you die

  17. UPDATE i heard it can make you live forever

  18. UPDATE they claim it is mostly in red wine but it is found in abundance in red grape skins. But too bad you cant put a company name on grapes so they claim it is in wine but guess what it is in red grapes!!!!

  19. who wants to live forever?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by vpower View Post
    who wants to live forever?
    Not forever, just a long friggin time.

  21. Is resveratrol really as good a testosterone booster as this thread is making it appear? It's my impression that tribulus is more popular, and many people don't have anything good to say about that product.

  22. I wouldnt say its the best, but by blocking estrogen it can help raise LH and FSH levels thus boosting Testosterone.

  23. A lot of estrogen blockers hurt libido after awhile. Is reservatrol different?


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