Suggest me a creatine!

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  1. Suggest me a creatine!

    So I ran out of my generic precision engineered creatine and so back to the market .

    So what would you guys suggest depending on:

    1: Ingredient Profile - No CEE.
    2. Servings/Container
    3. Taste

    Im really liking the green magnitude 80 servings but I have had amazing results with everything that I have ever touched by Millenium Sports Technologies.

  2. Green mag is a great supplement, but are you only set for powder dont want to try some pills?

    If so Neovar
    Its a creatine MONO
    Up to 150lbs 2 Capsules (4 Daily) 60 servings
    150-250lbs 3 Capsules (6 Daily) 40 servings
    250lbs and up 4 Capsules (8 daily) 30 servings
    so depending on you weight
    and there is no taste

    but on the plus side its a creatine mono and nutrient partitioner

  3. you can't go wrong with straight bulk creapure creatine.

  4. when it comes to creatines i either take str8 creatine mono or i really enjoy a solid kre-alkyln supp. SciFit Kreation was pretty good as a solid preworkout.

    ALso you may wanna try adding jack3d preworkout with a post workout with

    3-5 grams creatine mono
    30-50 grams of protein
    40-60 grams carbs (waxymaize is my perfered)
    and for added kick, a little Xtend to give you a little extra of the good stuff

  5. the new Green Bulge is pretty good too

  6. Im one of the few that likes Kre alkalyn, I just purchased some of the liquid and Im liking it. Green mag is real solid too and for the servings-cost you cant really beat it.

    I am real interested though in Cre-02

  7. Right now I am doing no-shotgun 45 minutes before, bulk pslin with around 60 grams of complex carbs with two scoops of xtend and I have never felt so great, I was just looking for the next step up.

    Powder or pills, either one is fine!

  8. CRE-02 to me looks like the most popular right now, I havent seen 1 bad review on it yet.

    But I havent tried it continue...

    Size on is amazing
    Creapure works great too
    the old version of Cell mass worked for me( most dont like it)

  9. The Best of all is Green Magnitude by Controlled Labs

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    The Best of all is Green Magnitude by Controlled Labs
    it would in my opinion be very tough to disagree with you, but to each his own as this stuff all works differently on each person.

    Personally I think Size on is jjuuust a tinge better than the green mag, more expensive and less servings but reeaal solid.

  11. IMHO dark matter by mhp worked best for me but I was taking size on during my most rapid weight gain.

    It's just so expensive, and I really like the research with magnesium creatine chelate in green magnitude.

  12. theres another one I forgot dark matter, but I believe it uses the same creatine as size on in it, and rust me I know size on is expensive 96.99 with a gold card here!!!!!!!!

    I mean wtf

  13. While i was on shotgun i got some really good results especially when i added Synthesize post work out.

    Never tried green mag b/c it never caught my attention till now. When it comes to creatine what works for me is the "keep it stupid simple" mentality. Creatine mono plus something with a little kick to get me extra pissed during a lift.

    .....gotta look into green mag

  14. its solid bro, I promise, gives a little energy kick preworkout but nothing crazt, just clean energy.

    Dont use too much though , that magnesium iis a killer on the bowels if u over do it.

  15. Size on is only 55 over here at vitamin world but that's still way over the Internet price

  16. Quote Originally Posted by ecosocialist View Post
    Size on is only 55 over here at vitamin world but that's still way over the Internet price
    where is this vitamin world? and how long from Edmonton to it? lol.

    either way were all fcked no matter what up here.

    im still waiting for summer to start in Alberta, and in no time at all it will be -48 celcius all over thats getting fcked

  17. I can't believe nobody's commented on how awesome cre-02 is yet! From an endurance standpoint, it can't be beat. No bloat thanks to the enteric coating, amazing ingredient profile, and the list goes on. Just ordered another bottle last night. Use coupon code MSTCAW for 50% off, order directly from millenniumsport, and the total is like 34 bucks shipped. Really awesome deal.

  18. Haha I'm working at the Iowa one as we speak. It's nothing special but good discounts!

  19. I am still using Green Mag and like it. Creatine mono is also great. Creapure

  20. hey green mag looks solid...i think im gonna try some later

    maybe stack with some kre-ak

  21. get any mono manafactured by creapure only.
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  22. And see, I was doing creatine monohydrate on its own, and I dont mind it, but I honestly recover on a whole different level when I was on Dark Matter or Size-On.

    And Green Magnitude has a superior creatine source and a few other ingredients, plus 80 servings, thats hard to beat

  23. I personally like Kre-Alkalyn creatine it takes slightly longer to feel the results but when
    it does kick in you get a nice pumped and hard muscles without the water bloat or
    stomach issues you get from some of the other creatines out their. The brand that I
    always use is American EFX but Sci-Fit is the same thing in the purple caps with the
    same patent # as American EFX. Right now I am using Kre-Alkalyn powder from All The
    Whey and they have it at a pretty good price on their site its a 300 gram jar for under
    $25. I take 2 grams with my preworkout shake and 1 gram in my post workout shake and
    on my days off I take 1 gram and its been working very well.

  24. Kre-Alkalyn work'd for me. Now i just kinda order whats cheap

  25. Quote Originally Posted by dye12 View Post
    Kre-Alkalyn work'd for me. Now i just kinda order whats cheap
    ya I just bought the liquid kind few days ago, I was already loaded with green mag but I notice it working just fine....39.99 in Canada for 64 servings, obviously its no miracle but i like it for sure.


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