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    American Association for Health Freedom - New Bill (HR2749) Gives FDA Unheard-of Power over Small Farmers, Food and Supplement Producers

    Minor paperwork violations and violations completely unrelated to food safety could result in draconian penalties. Cite scientific research about food or supplements without FDA approval? You could go to jail for ten years. We need your help to amend or defeat this Orwellian bill that is currently on a fast track to passage. Because of the importance of this subject, it is the only subject in this week’s newsletter.


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  3. Thanks, this one shouldn't be allowed to pass...10 years? No judicial oversight? Gotta protect the kids...

  4. Done....this congress/administration is really trying hard to force a revolution, isn't it?
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  5. This one is serious...not some BS "banning DHEA" bill

  6. Sent; the BS that is being attempted is despicable
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  7. This is really disgusting...we seriously better get on this one and kill it in the senate...

  8. Done and done.
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  9. done Deployed blogging

  10. For those that are less legally inclined, I have written a small breakdown of the more pertinent aspects of this law:

    This bill is titled, “H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009”, and is a sweeping addendum to the FD&C; most pertinently, sections regarding the manufacturing, packaging, and [mis]labeling of food and food products. For the most part, this bill is protocol alterations – changes to the registration of your GMP facility, performance standards, yearly registrations – but what makes me nervous is certain ambiguous portions such as this:

    • (b) Contents- The regulations under subsection (a)--
    • ‘(1) may set forth such procedures, processes, and practices as the Secretary determines to be reasonably necessary--
    • ‘(A) to prevent the introduction of known or reasonably foreseeable biological, chemical, and physical hazards, including hazards that occur naturally, may be unintentionally introduced, or may be intentionally introduced, including by acts of terrorism, into raw agricultural commodities that are from a plant or a fungus; and
    • ‘(B) to provide reasonable assurances that such commodity is not adulterated under section 402;
    • ‘(2) may include, with respect to growing, harvesting, packing, sorting, transporting, and storage operations, minimum standards for safety as the Secretary determines to be reasonably necessary;
    • ‘(3) may include standards addressing manure use, water quality, employee hygiene, sanitation and animal control, and temperature controls, as the Secretary determines to be reasonably necessary;
    • ‘(4) may include standards for such other elements as the Secretary determines necessary to carry out subsection (a);
    • ‘(5) shall provide a reasonable period of time for compliance, taking into account the needs of small businesses for additional time to comply; and
    • ‘(6) may provide for coordination of education and enforcement activities.”

    The language use here is troubling: “reasonably necessary”, for example, is a broad parameter rife with possibility for political meddling. What the Secretary deems reasonably necessary depends necessarily on the clamoring of both special interest groups and the public – obviously, given the current climate, “reasonably necessary” may be the elimination of food supplements as a whole. Further, the onus is removed from any sort of congressional or judicial oversight, and the Secretary is given full authority to determine what constitutes "reasonably necessary" for the safety of the public on an ad hoc basis. Another troubling bit:

    • (a) In General- Section 704 (21 U.S.C. 374) is amended by adding at the end the following:
    • ‘(h)(1) Each facility registered under section 415 shall be inspected--
    • ‘(A)(i) by one or more officers duly designated under section 702 or other statutory authority by the Secretary;
      ‘(ii) for domestic facilities, by a Federal, State, or local official recognized by the Secretary under paragraph (2); or
      ‘(iii) for foreign facilities, by an agency or a representative of a country that is recognized by the Secretary under paragraph (2); and
    • ‘(B) at a frequency determined pursuant to a risk-based schedule.
      ‘(2) For purposes of paragraph (1)(A), the Secretary--
      ‘(A) may recognize Federal, State, and local officials and agencies and representatives of foreign countries as meeting standards established by the Secretary for conducting inspections under this Act; and
      ‘(B) may limit such recognition to inspections of specific commodities or food types.

    Again, the ad hoc basis in which the Secretary will purportedly grant or disallow official inspections is alarming. It continues with (4) and (5) of Sec. 105, by stating that there is to be “risk-based” inspections set at steady intervals, depending on the classification of the facility. Seems logical, right? However, (5)(B) and (5)(C) go on to state the Secretary may alter how your facility is classified on, again, an ad hoc basis, pursuant to public safety concerns, and; further, that he may “inspect the facility with more frequency than the guidelines set in (4)”, Wait, it gets better. Sec. 107(b)(A)(B)(C)(D) go on to state that, “[...any food manufacturer...] must maintain the full pedigree of the origin and previous distribution of the food” - put otherwise: no ingredient that does not have a full pedigree down to its original cultivation may be used in any product.

    Sec. 109(p)(1)(i-iii) gets even better!

    • (1) IN GENERAL-
    • ‘(A) REQUIREMENT- The Secretary shall require, as an additional condition of granting admission to an article of food being imported or offered for import into the United States, that a qualified certifying entity provide a certification that the article complies with specified requirements of this Act if--...
    • ‘(B) CONTENTS OF CERTIFICATION- Such certification shall include such information regarding compliance as the Secretary may specify, and may be provided in the form of shipment-specific certificates, a listing of certified facilities or other entities, or in such other form as the Secretary may specify.

    Again, the Secretary is being given the power to decide, willy-nilly, what constitutes accreditation when dealing with foreign manufacture. The Secretary’s office decides that your manufacturer’s accreditations and proof pursuant thereto are unsubstantial? Too bad, your import will be denied. Here is the piece de resistance:

    Sec. 331(c) of the FD&C states the following on detention of “prohibited substances”: “if the officer or qualified employee has credible evidence or information...” and then goes on to state that he/she may order an immediate writ of cease production and recall on the product. Sec.132(b) amends this, dangerously, in two key ways:

    a) “Credible evidence or information” is replaced with “reason to believe”;
    b) “Presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences to humans or animals” is replaced with, “adulterated, misbranded, or otherwise in violation with any section of this act”.

    Put otherwise: if any qualified FDA officer has reason to believe that your supplement or food stuff violates this addendum in any way, your food stuff or supplement may be recalled with a ten day notice; further, if you are found to be in violation of these completely willy-nilly and ad hoc regulations, you are subject to a maximum of ten years in prison, with a maximum fine of $500,000 dollars.

  11. I imagine this only a taste of the fallacious ways big buisness has the world being run via politicians. I imagine there is no stopping this the same way rights have been slowly removed. People do need to revolt.

  12. Done. What a shame it is.

  13. Change we need, YES WE CAN!!!

  14. Done. As a supplement user, and a small farmer this is extremely troubling. Our family has owned and run this farm for years. I couln't imagine something happening to my family because of this entirely unconstitutional bill.

  15. The noose around the neck tightens, will the public wiggle free or start to complain once its too late to go back?

  16. Where will all this end? :
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Done....this congress/administration is really trying hard to force a revolution, isn't it?
    This administration/congress is the most power hungry corrupt facsist regime in American history. I dont know why anyone is surprised by anything that has occurred in the past 6 months... he/they did promise "CHANGE"... to me, it is just more of the same and it will only get worse. We are headed to a bad bad place. Look at the media, it is practically state run. With all the big important issues going on in this world and our nation and the impending degradation of our freedoms and liberties, all the media can focus on is Michael Jackson??????? Can anyone say shell game? How about our deficit??? and our national debt??? and our creditors (China, Saudi, etc) not wanting to buy/fund our wreckless debts. Oh, but The Great One wants to issue another stimulus package?? Where is the outrage? Well it seems the mainstream media and the Gov seemingly have a quid pro quo because they are not exposing any of the issues that every American needs to be outraged about. Does anyone know about the Cap-and-Trade bill going to congress right now that just passed the house??? I urge everyone to research this bill and educate yourselves. It will blow your ****ing mind! Your politicians dont care about you or the good of your republic. Can you say TAXES???... but he promised tax reductions for 95% of America... that's impossible! He cant be a liar, he's got such a great smile and he is such a well spoken telepromptor reader... I wonder how all his supporters will revere him in 18 months after things have gotten much much worse?? They will probably still be buying his sales pitch and eating out of his palm and he will probably still be blaming Bush. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET

  18. This one I did.


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