any suggestions? which is better for strenght,mass,libido

  1. Question any suggestions? which is better for strenght,mass,libido

    epistane,formex vs. lg sciences trifecta stack

  2. Really for the "anabolics" forum. PH not my thing.

    Trifecta... gee that is one cheap stack, how many variants of ADT exist?. I presume epi/havoc are doing a stack offer with formex???

    Good question though. Oh and you'll get asked heaps of questions like your age, is this your first cycle and so on. The formex vs. formadrol is for the PCT forum. If you're under 21 you'll be told to ... go away

  3. now youve posted 2 threads asking very similar questions, for god sake start researching

  4. hmm, just my 2 cents, but, from my experience:
    "epistane" gives a good boost in libido, & some strength increases, more of a long term effect to me.
    formestane does give a pretty rapid increase in libido & "feeling of well being"/"aggression", but also only does this for me, for only a few days before i get the opposite effect.
    as for the trifecta stack, it has a bunch of what seem to be non-methylated chems, despite it being called methylated? maybe i missed something. any time i see piperine in the recipe, i wonder about it's bioavailability, but who knows, might work great for you. the yohimbine will light up your libido... not to piss off any of the sponsors, but the claims of 20lbs of lean muscle added in a short time are unrealistic. water gains of various kinds generally, & oh how depressing it is to pee off all your muscle after a cycle!

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by suresha View Post
    epistane,formex vs. lg sciences trifecta stack
    Just my biased opinion
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