muscle gaining supplement

  1. muscle gaining supplement

    Ive been looking at alot of supplements and i was wondering which supplements help gain muscle size not to bulk up, just muscle gains

    No prohormones please

  2. UKStrength
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    How much training experience and supplement experience do you have mate?

    I'll assume your diet and training routines are fine as you've not posted them.

    Something basic would be creatine monohydrate and a whey protein powder/amino acid supplement.

    I have no idea how old you are so advising on test boosters or other compounds to that effect would be a waste.

  3. realistically its hard to gain muscle size without gaining weight too. for the muscle to get bigger your body needs more fuel than for the muscle to stay the same size.

    Is what you are trying to do loose fat + build muscle at the same time?

    Team APPNUT

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