Best flavored Banana/ Banana cream Protein powder?

  1. Best flavored Banana/ Banana cream Protein powder?

    I want some banana protein powder... which is the best tasting?

  2. not cytosports musclemilk, or ON's gold standard. you will be severely disappointed if you try either of those... I was.

  3. I almost always get All The Whey protein, so one mix I've tried that was incredibly tasty was one scoop cupcake batter with a half scoop banana. It tasted like banana cream pie.

    I also think ON banana cream is pretty damn good.

  4. i love the cupcake batter from ATW

  5. I used to love SportPharma's JustWhey in banana, but I haven't looked for it in years. Also Champion used to make a good whey complex in banana, but I believe that was discontinued, and I don't remember the name of the product.

  6. Dymatize Banana is very good, using it now. Tastes almost like juice, isn't really a "creamy" sort of taste if you know what I

  7. that is what i want is the banana cream flavor, not so much natural flavor

  8. I had American Whey Tropical banana bomb and it tasted like banana laffy taffy! yum yum

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  9. Almost forgot...don't know if this is around anymore...I used to love the cheesy old "Anabolic Activator" in banana. It was one of those supplement/protein/multivitamin formulas with a very 80s-looking neon green and orange label. Forgot who made it. It was always on the "almost expired" shelf for cheap at GNC, this was waaay back maybe the mid-90s...anyone else remember that stuff? I think it may have been made by the same people who did the original Hot Stuff (XXX?) or Ultimate Orange...

  10. I think Musclemilk's banna cream tastes fantastic. Of course everyone has different tastes, so ultimately the best advice one can give would be to just try out different brands until you find one you like and give it a go.


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