Guidelines for a 6"/160 lb guy

  1. Guidelines for a 6"/160 lb guy

    I am 6-foot tall and 160 pounds trying to gain some muscles at a gym. Could somebody please give me some guidelines on what supplements I should be taking to help me gain muscles. I have been taking 30 grams of whey protein an hour before and a half an hour after the workout. I haven't been taking anything else mostly because I am a bit afraid of taking different stuff. Anyway, I would love to hear some advise on what I should take at minimum. And in particular if I should add some caseine to my diet (looking at Dymatize Elite Gourmet Protein right now).

  2. What you need is food...

    Food, food, and more food

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PublicEnemy View Post
    What you need is food...

    Food, food, and more food

    Learn how to eat clean and healthy, and eat a ****ton.. It sounds like you've got a very fast metabolism as it is.

  4. And you think no sort of gainers should be added to the diet? Should I continue to take whey protein before and after workouts?

  5. Save your money and buy more food. Supplements wont do anything for you right now. Maybe look into Dark Matter, if anything.

  6. So I shouldn't even take whey protein before and after workouts?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by alosito View Post
    So I shouldn't even take whey protein before and after workouts?
    Why? Whey protein isn't going to make you get bigger. Eating consistently 20x your body weight in calories is going to make you get bigger. Don't let people suck you into to pre and post work out ****, or even supplements. You haven't even established the building blocks yet. Save your money on supplements and go buy a 40lb bag of brown rice from an asian market and 25lbs of chicken or beef from a wholesale store.

  8. Ewww rice , that will make you lose muscle. True BB'ers eat oatmeal

    (JK of course, I'm just an oats addict)

  9. protein pre and post workout are great ideas. additionally, you need to take in carbs before/after working out. shoot for 40g of slow digesting carbs pre workout, then 40-60g of fast digesting carbs post workout (white bread and jam, or a gainer shake).

    you've got to be in a caloric positive state in order to grow. protein alone isn't going to do it.

  10. My favorite supp is Taco Bell's Bean Burritos


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