Super stack,HMB,creatine,l-glutmine,vitamins,no shotgun,6-oxo,bcaa's...

  1. Super stack,HMB,creatine,l-glutmine,vitamins,no shotgun,6-oxo,bcaa's...

    k guys, i know u might think im crazy to be taking so much **** at once, but ive kinda took sum time researching nd designed this stack of supps im thinking out taking together with some hardcore training nd serious diet...
    i know supps contribute very lil too actually getting big, but they help so yeh...

    these ar the supps i wanna take...

    HMB - with meals
    Creatine with some ala nd glucose - first thing in the morning nd post workout
    Good multi vitamin, posibly ADAM by now foods or Optimen
    L-glutamine - Befor bed
    No shotgun - pre workout
    Xtend (bcaa's) -during workout

    i will also be taking optimum whey protein after my creatine post workout.

    diet shall consist of approx 250 grams protein
    250 grams carbs
    50 grams good fats(nuts,olive oil,fish,peanutbutter)

    I will be training 4 times a week , approx 9 sets per workout of 8-12 reps per set

    different body group per session obviously

    sooooo, urm what do u guys think?? do u think il do??, do u recomend anychanges??....POST POST POST!!! lol

    oh and say im a fairly experienced trainer started when i was 16 nd im 19 now...i have quite a bit of experience with supps 2...

  2. you gonna throw any carbs in for post workout??

  3. yeah course....i said....Glucose with my creatine....prob round 40 grams...then prob some juice with my shake

  4. Sorry man, overlooked that part. Supps and diet look good tho! Maybe throw in some ZMA too.

  5. true true, but thing with ZMA is the fact that i cant rilli eat a proper pre bed time meal due to the fact that calcium will compete for absorbtion with the zinc.....nd ive tried ZMA befor, no big deal......i think its cuz my test levels ar already pretty high......

  6. oh and btw....thanks man!!

  7. looks like you're gonna be makin it rain

  8. You can still take the ZMA. Just take it 30-40min. before bed and right before bed take your last meal. That gives the ZMA enough time to absorb with no issues from the food. ZMA is a staple of mine, especially for a sleep aid. BTW just to clarify, ZMA does not boost test per se, but ensures that you have these valuable minerals to keep test levels optimal. Just b/c you have high test doesn't mean if you overtrain, or don't get enough sleep the levels won't decline a little. Just some food for though brother, but the rest looks solid. I'm a fan of glutamine before bed as well. Some ZMA with Glutamine before bed in college really saved my *ss.

  9. ditch the HMB

  10. thanks burghHardcore, i think i will add some ZMA.........irishous, y ditch the ZMA...apparently it should work well with creatine...

  11. keep posting guys

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ppycrsm View Post
    keep posting guys
    Dude I'm taking a similar stack. I'm taking Cellmass in the morning and a multivitamin. Then no shotgun before workout with bcaas. Then after workout im taking Cellmass again with orange juice and water and then right after bcaas with a multivitamin. Then 30 minutes later I'm taking 100% whey with 15 ounces of milk and carb matrix with it. Then before bed I'm taking musclemaxx which is a whey protein with bcaas. And then just whenever I wake up to piss at night I know I will cause all the water I drink. I drink 10 ounces of milk so I don't go too long without protein.


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