Help With P/Wo supp for cutting

  1. Help With P/Wo supp for cutting

    Hey guys, I'm gonna be starting my summer cut in April and am looking for a solid, caffeine free preworkout supp (preferably powder). I want something with little caffeine because I am going to be using hot rox extreme as my fat burner which already contains an adequate amount. I was thinking maybe caff. free Ragnarok? Also, is it a good idea to stay on the creatine during my cut? Thanks.

  2. Caff Free Ranarok is a good one. Another one that just came out , so little feedback, is ; with the free Refresh it should be a pretty interesting PreWO stimfree product.

  3. I like MAN Clout as good non-caffeine preworkout while cutting.
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  4. Thanks alot for the replies I'll deff look into both of those products

  5. blue gene by controlled labs



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