Gettin ready to cut

  1. Gettin ready to cut

    alright, so i have just wrapped up a 9 month bulk, and now its time to cut. currently sitting at 210. I have already cleaned up my diet, and changed my training up. I have only one BIG problem...i have a torn quad so i cant do any cardio for more than 10-15 minutes before it starts hurting. So i am turning to a fat burner not to replace the cardio obviously, but to at least help out a little. I am looking for something somewhat mild on the stims though, cuz i like taking my Ready4War preworkout. I was thinking about trying REDuction, Napalm, or DermaTherm, kinda not sure about the transdermal though...if anyone has used these products or have any suggestion please let me know.

  2. People have been getting great results with a combination of VPX Meltdown and SNS RK 125. You could also look into DCP. I'm not a huge fan of transdermal fat loss products until you need to get rid of those lose 3-5 pounds.

  3. There are a lot of fat-burners out there. I have used a few. Shred Matrix, X-Force and I'm currently on REDuction.

    I honestly like X-Force best. It provided a nice flow of energy and I went from 23-18% BF on it in 2 months. My diet and workout plan were very good as well and I attribute most of my progress to that, but X-force really helped boost my metabolism during that time. I may be a rep for the company, but that is my honest opinion.

  4. Go with DCP if you are looking for a non stim approach
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  5. Wow something I liek to add too that has not been mentioned in a while is Leviathan. You can go Leviathan/Recreate Leviathan/DCP many users of Leviathan seen awesome results. The product is solid and has a good profile. You can always go the eca route too which is proven time after time for fat loss

  6. To the OP, i know this has nothing to do with the topic, but is your screen name a shout out to the band?

  7. I don't really think fat loss sups are the answer to your problem, I think fat loss supps should only be used when you've gotten fairly lean and are looking for that extra push for the last 4-6 weeks. If I were you I would really experiment with my diet until I nailed it and train with very short rest periods, like 30-45 secs.

    It sucks you can't do any cardio at all, can you even walk for long distances? It'll take a while to burn alot of cals but its an option.

  8. REDuction is pretty effective, I liked it. I also liked Red Acid when it was easy to find. I tried Red Acid2 but didn't like it as much.

  9. yeah Loki its a shout out to the band

  10. I can walk for short distances, but not much, not enough to make a dent in burning up excess calories. i have to walk slow and maybe 10 mins at a time tops, after that my quad starts flaring up. hopefully my physical therapy is going to help, well see though.

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    yeah Loki its a shout out to the band
    Very nice,did you pick up Declaration?


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