no-shotgun v3 vs. v2?

  1. no-shotgun v3 vs. v2?

    I looked everywhere for the differences between v2 and v3.. i couldnt even find the ingredient label to v2.... could anyone shed some light on the difference between the two?

  2. If I remember correctly V3 has VPX's Meltdown thrown in the mix and another 4grams of protein.

  3. V3 is much better i tried samples yesterday black cherry is so good. But I opt for the usplabs jack3d thoughbut v3 is nice with the protein.

  4. The Black Cherry is much better tasting than whatever flavor V2 was. It took quite a bit to get it down at first.

  5. well im pretty sure the other v2 shotgun had the redline in it as well... more protein though is a plus.. i just got the vpx promo kit today.. along with a tub of jack3d.. im contemplating whether i should start jacked today or not.. but anyone else have any idea the difference in no-shotgun v2 vs. v3?

  6. Yes it had Redline but they added their other fatburner Meltdown which came out last year. So it had a 2 fatburners instead of one.

  7. oooh.. gotcha.. minor detail. thanks

  8. No worries. Even though it tasted like sour apple a$$ I still liked it a little better.

  9. I like v2 better than v3. I still have two tubs of v2 left. v3 tastes much better, but saw better results from v2. Both super solid products though.

  10. V3 is a lot better due to the added protein and also the meltdown and redline complex. A very potent combo

  11. Nice to hear, I ordered the NO Shotgun +Synthesize stack this weekend, should be here tomorrow

  12. well i took it last night.. had an awesome workout.. i think im going to take jack3d tonight though.. because ive never taken it, and always hearing good things about it. I got two bottles of BANG! with that vpx promo kit.. has anyone tried that yet?


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