High blood pressure

  1. High blood pressure

    We all know certain thermogenics and other things can raise blood pressure but I was just curious what things that u can take to reduce blood pressure? I am a heathy person and my blood pressure is in the normal range but im saying obviously eca can make it slightly higher so can u counter act the high blood pressure while on a thermogenic is is that a stupid idea?

  2. not so much a stupid idea, but its all about how much it raises bp by, which you can't tell till after you try ECA so monitor your bp, see what it is before, and see what it is after. Don't medicate if you dont need it to stay under hypertension levels

  3. Yeah im on eca lol im planning on going off it. I am confused omg I lost like 13 or lbs in one week on it and Im getting off eca soon. I was going to run 11-oxo and maybe animal cuts bc snimal cuts I never tried before and it looks like a good start.

  4. Any thing that helps the blood flow easier will help HBP. No products will do this because they dialate capilaries, of course a lot of them have stims too. If you are not taking an NO product with a stim you may try straight AAKG. The aspirin in the ECA stack also helps as it thins the blood. Celery and Chromium are also supposed to help with BP.

  5. k Kool I do have No-Xplode but not using it at this time. I have Chromium Pic. I use white willow instead of aspirin for my ECA. I think think using No-xplode and eca would be a good idea. I think Controlled labs white flood since its only the AAKG and that ormithingy lol I forgot that it was.

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  6. Hawthorne berry, Celery seed extract should help. I would start the hawthorne berry a couple of weeks before the thermo.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Hawthorne berry, Celery seed extract should help. I would start the hawthorne berry a couple of weeks before the thermo.
    Those and also grape seed, coq10, garlic, and fish oil can help with better cardiovascular function.


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