first day of Lipo 6X

  1. first day of Lipo 6X

    So yesterday was my first day of using Lipo 6x. It recommends taking 3 pills, twice a day before breakfast and lunch.

    Anyway, I wanted to start off by underdoing it so I took 2 in the morning before my run and 1 just before my afternoon meal. (so 3 in total as opposed to the recommended 6).

    In the morning, I did a pretty hardcore run (for my standards...former fat guy). I ran 2km in 9:22 mins as oppose to the usual 10:40 to 11 mins. But when I was done, I felt light headed as hell and got the jitters thru out the day....
    in the evening workout session, I did 20 mins of intense cardio. Sweating like a pig... and then i did 100 sit ups...

    Then when it was bed time (9:30 pm), i fell asleep shortly (at about 10pm.. )... But about 4 hours later (2:07 am when i checked) I woke up and started having the jitters... i could not get back to sleep.

    so yea, seems like i'm quite responsive to that stuff.

  2. lol I am on the reg lipo-6 with ephedrine so yeah thats good stuff lipo-6 is decent. Good luck in still on my lipo-6 epherine stack and lost bout maybe 13 lbs so far and feeling good. Keep it up!

  3. I'm pretty sure the serving size is 2 caps, 2 times per day. No?

  4. Yeah thats what it is. U can go for 1 more does ONCE YOUR BODY TOLERATES IT I do mine 3x a day. Good stuff

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