Kicking it up a notch with ECA

  1. Kicking it up a notch with ECA

    Hey as far as the asprin goes I also got white willow bark extract and well some people said go with that instead of just plain Aspirin but I am concerned of finding a way to keep the life of the ephedrine in effect for at least 4 hrs by 3 or 2.5 hrs it starts to fade. So again anyone have any idea to really make this more stronger? Right now its Lipo-6 and Bronkaid and White Willow. Any suggestions are welcomed plz give feedback thnx guys.

  2. Hey if I would say 300 mg of caffiene and Bronkaid and aspirin would you consider that overbored? I would like some feedback on this one if anyone has tried another different approch on ECA since 200 mg caff 25 mg eph and 81mg asp are pretty standard.

  3. Is it wise to do something like No-Xplode before weight training if your on an ECA stack?

  4. i take 50 mg eph,thats 2 bronkaids and 200mg caffine and one 81mg asp. works well for me i have even taken as many as 5 bronkaids,not recommending this thou.try 2 and see how it goes for you.the more caffine i take the harder the crash feeling is for me.

  5. Thnx man I will try that and see how well that works. I was thinking on bumping the caffiene but I will try two bronkaids instead. I am also doing Anabolic Pump too will that progress me or hinder me? Thnx again.

  6. i am not 100% on this but i think it will help it.have never tried Anabolic Pump ,but i was thinking about picking some up.

  7. Hey Johnny yeah I heard a lot of great stuff about it as far as gains and deffinition I like it. I like bc it helps in lipolysis in a way and can be used in cutting or bulking so I like it. A lot of people are recomending me with the LEviathan/Recreate stack which I am thinking of after my ECA is done to give my body a rest from the Eph bc last thing I want is my body to build the tolerance to it lol.

  8. AP is great been using it since it first came out just make sure your getting at least 50 grams complex carbs within about 20 min of taking it it will help you increase your LBM as well as shead BF

  9. Oh yeah I utilize the AP on Breakfast after 1 hr of good fasted cardio, lunch and eveing after a really good workout so AP gets utilized and the carbs are at the most specific times when its needed. all roughly about 40-50 complex carbs always chicken breast brown bout 1.5 cups brown rice and veggies seems to always be my favorite.


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