Some advice on my ECA stack

  1. Some advice on my ECA stack

    Hey I am currently on ECA and doing Anabolic Pump 3x a day. I heard about Recreate and Leviathan which I heard great things about. Again I am on ECA so if I kick out Anabolic Pump would it e wise to go with Recreate as a good fat burnning stack? Or am I asking too much lol.

  2. So you want to drop the AP and ECA stack in favor of the recreate and levi or do you want to drop the AP and keep the ECA stack while adding in ReCreate? If its the latter than I would recommend you do not go that route. Personally I would keep the AP and if you really want to try the levi/recreate stack (which is a very solid fat loss comb) drop the ECA (and save if for down the road) and add in the levi/recreate.

  3. I can get my hands on Leviand Recreate easily. Right now on ECA and almost done with my ECA cycle bout a lil more than half I would say then I will do the Levi and Recreate stack. I am on Anabolic Pump and as you said to keep and afetr im done with my ECA cycle I will step away from the eph for a while and do the Levi and recreate stack. The stacks seems very very solid I have heard so many numerous comments on it so before I buy more products I want to to finish the ECA AP stack and transition into the Levi stack. Im so excited I hope its good as everyone says it is. Hey by the way whats Incarnate or something like that. i hreard they stack that but I dont recall it with Levi. Hmmmph.

  4. Incarnate is another product from Palo Alto Labs that is a muscle enhancer that has some additional ingredients that provide joint support and anti cortisol effects. I have personally never tried it, but many have stacked it with levi and seen nice results.

  5. Oh oh ok kool. Thanx for the elaboration. Well let me ask you all because right now I am almost done with my ECA and want to transition into a non ephedrine stack to give my body a break till my next eca cyle but what do you all think of Leviathan/Recreate or Leviathan/Incarnate. All feedbacks welcome!

  6. Both Levi and ReCreate have stimulants in them so if you are truly looking to give your adrneals a rest for a bit you may want to look into DCP or another non stimulant type fat loss agent.

    Personally I am about to start a stack I am very excited about (and will probably log). Going to run a DCP and Prime log. The DCP will be my first use of the supplement and have heard awesome feedback from practically all users, and have used Prime in the past with great results. I will be looking for predominantly fat loss, but with with the Prime and recomp effects of DCP I am highly confident in my ability to walk the line of fat loss with slight muscle gain (aka recomp).

    Have you thought about a stack like that or something that will boost fat loss in other means and something that can keep your gym performances high despite the caloric deficit?

  7. Well as far as right now its ECA and Anabolic Pump. Afterwords I am not quite sure which way to go maybe do recomp then turn around and hop back on my ECA stack again.

  8. What would u suggest after an ECA AP stack?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Stallion83 View Post
    What would u suggest after an ECA AP stack?
    I would personally consider a solo run of DCP (that way you can guage its full effect on you for future use) or DCP + AP or a DCP + Prime (or a muscle enhancer of your choice/you have had success with). I like these combos because they each provide different mechanism of actions and will all really aid in your goal of a recomp.


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