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  1. Depression

    Hey does anyoen know any good supps for depression? Its like many times I feel depressed and maybe someone can help me with that.

  2. how bad is your depression?? I have read studies that fish oil can help, and I believe ginko biloba is a staple( not 100% sure). If its bad, I know going on meds suck but it can help a whole lot.

  3. Therapy.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cinn View Post
    Cognitive behavior therapy would be a good choice.

    As far as supplements that have been proven to have anti-depressent properties,I would suggest fish oil and Enova at two tablespoonfuls of each daily.

  5. Oh ok I will get some fish oil at the vitamin shoppe. Now doesit matter if it is pills or liquid and the enova what sthat. Thanx a lot guys yeah it sux to be depressed it reallydoes.

  6. Do you have mood problems? Stress problems? Elaborate...

  7. L-Tryptophan = really good for depression. Rhodiola and Bacopa help with my mood a lot. Get adequate B-Vitamins. If you have money to burn, EndoAMP (phosphatadylserine) is about the best thing ever for getting rid of stress. As suggested Fish Oil is good stuff as well, but is very subtle.

    Don't give up man; it can sometimes take a while, but will get better.

  8. I wouldn't want to self medicate with supplements for depression.

    I would suggest you see a Dr about it.
    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  9. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER View Post
    I wouldn't want to self medicate with supplements for depression.

    I would suggest you see a Dr about it.
    good advice crowler. depression is nothing to mess around with depending on its severity

  10. Talk to a doc before risking making yourself worse. Depression is a serious thing.

  11. Yeah it is a serious one. But I been out of the gym for a long time and that may have an effect on me. When I did go to the gym I was in great shape had a lot of energy and most importantly I was stronger then. Now I gained weight lol but now learnning from all of you about positive things to do to get back in the working out mode and im rdy. L-tryp like u all mention I will get some 5-htp. Oh speaking of which I am on ECA and on CKD so at night what is a good fat burner just for nighttime when I go to sleep any suggest. thanks a lot for all your help im new here and I really think this place rocks.

  12. i'd rather take counselling man.
    Although depression is likely to be chemical related, i'd still keep it as a last resort.

    If you have a reliable doctor, i'd suggest you see the doc first.

  13. Gotta get to the root of the problem: why are you depressed?

    If you mask it with meds or supps, it will jsut come back to haunt you.

    It's like having a sore shoulder, and just popping some tylenol everyday or pain meds. It's better to tackle the problem at the root.

  14. I think its just the way my body is honestly. But again I stoped working out for a while now maybe 6 months so getting back into the groove. When I did workout realeasing alot of those "feel good" hormones thats when I was a lot better so I am now doing ckd and training so I am hoping to get back into the groove asap. Now I used to be in ketogenic mode so trying to get back in it. All I hoep for is to move my ass to get the job done. But I have some 5-htp and will use that for many of you alls suggestions. I have some st. Johns. Wort somewhere cant find the dang on thing. I heard Kava Kava is good but I heard it makes u drowsy lol.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Talk to a doc before risking making yourself worse. Depression is a serious thing.

    i have to agree with the hawk on this one - however i have friends who used 5-http sucessfully to replace prescribed medications for depression.

  16. Well see I did and years ago I was on this thing called something formin I cant recall I believe it was maybe a SSRI I dunno lol. But that made me feel like a zombie for some reason so my doc took me off it. Plus it reacted bad to many of the foods I ate so. But its mild and not to the point where I drink my butt off or have sucicdal thoughts. I try to have more positive thoughts like getting huge and apply them. Cardio and proper weight training right now is my weapon against it. I will honestly say at times its hard to fight but lol I think thats when i pull up some Jay Cutler stuff or something to motivate me you know. But as far as the doc I don't have insurance anymore. I cannot afford a doc at the momment so as you can see I am trying to fight it with my diet,cardio,excercise. But I mean something to thro in the mix to feeling good you know won't hurt.

  17. hey man go get yourself some help. i too suffer/suffered from depression anxiety issues. i was MISERABLE this past year. Talking with a Doc really helped me get to the root of the problem. Meds can only do so much. they can help you get to the place you need to think clear and realize your issues. i highly recommend talking with a Dr. I know it helped me out alot. Good luck man.

  18. Thnx Jrod and everyone else I appreciate all the help. I know its not a fun subject and im sure who all suffered from it knows its not a fun situation. Right now I can only rely on myself for the momment before I can get medicaid and get help. But so far bodybuilding makes me happy so I want to keep it going as much as I can. Until then Ima keep slappin the beef on! Thnx to all most appreciated.

  19. Rhodiola rosea works well for me.So does holy basil. I rotate back and forth between these two, on a monthly basis , taking them first thing in the morning.Then I take St. John's after dinner.

    Bacopa is a nice addition for a focused calm.

  20. I figured St. Johns Wort should be of help. I also read somewhere thats one of the ingredients on Przac or Zoloft or one of them.

  21. I really depends on your kind of depression, do you feel down or anxious?

    Personally I self medicated with lexapro simply because it is the safest SSRI with the lowest incidents of side effects. Have been on in for a couple years and it works well.

    For anxiety I will add phenibut before a meeting or its distant cousin (which isn't board appropriate).

    For motivation various stims are great but not ephedrine so much. Really what matter more is contantly changing them up.

    I would avoid Relora simply because coming off of it is BAD.

  22. dude I go through the same thing if I've been out of the gym for a while I get real bad mood swings and sometimes just feel well depressed you know what I mean exercise for me is just a release and getting in shape can do wonders for your mood/confidence the university of florida did a study on depression related to exercise and found that by exercising daily those who are more prone to depression got and enormous boost in overall sense of well being looking better can make you feel better about yourself so just keep on going and get back in the gym and get your swole on!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Stallion83 View Post
    I figured St. Johns Wort should be of help. I also read somewhere thats one of the ingredients on Przac or Zoloft or one of them.
    No it is not the ingredient in either of those. the problem with St Johns is that there are different kinds out there. Some tend to make some people more mellow and other cause people to have more energy. The problem with St johns is selecting a version of extract, a company you trust and getting the dosage right all of which can be very difficuly. It is much more uncertain and even more risky than some SSRI's and personally caused me horrible anxiety.

  24. Ahh ok I got what ur sayin Justreading. Yeah I tried one called Positive Thoughts it had st. johns is it plus Kava Kava and other stuff like folic acid b vit and all. I did try just St johns by itself so from the two ur right bc I do sence adifference. The one i took with just the st johns alone I was like being so nice to everyone so nice I didnt know what was comming out my mouth. It was really really weird for me bc out of nowhere I was nice. Okay lets get this more precise since this seems to be a little confusing to some. My depression is I would say uncommon but you know the feeling at times when you feel like blah and just sigh and feel well low at times? Something like that. Not omg ima stab myself and so to the titty bar and drink religously. Now at one point like I said I incorporated beer and all years ago to try to help with a deprtession I had years ago over my stupid ex. But I got a good girl with me now just she hates bodybuilding talk so thats why I come here hahaha. My girl says "you dont need to eat 5-6 meals and you don't need muscle milk." she said eat one a day. Yeah ok whatever! Just thought its funny to see the people who are not educated about bodybuilding and fitness and how they try to tell you eatting more than 1 day is bad for you hahaha. Geez.

  25. Actually the funiest is recently bc i am on an ECA stack and I am using bronkaid right and shes like Oh that **** aint gonna do anything for you. She says all that ephedrine is junk and it don't work its all in your head. Then I replied.....Here you wanna try here try it for yourself please tell me within 15 min you wont feel 200 mg of Caffiene anydrous and the eph hit ya.LMAO she refused. ANYWHO I just wanted to share that sorry off topic but I hate it when people try to tell me eatting 1 a day is more than enough and I don;t need protein and cardio is useless I just wanna slap people sometimes dont you? I dunno if its me but as far as Eatting 5-6 meals we all know why that is. Just some people dont get it! Have you ever had people tell you otherwise and wanted to just stomp all over em lol.


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