Best fat burner

  1. Best fat burner

    Hey what do you all think the best and I mean best fat burner you all have tried that really brought results on the market today

  2. Best IMO is DCP
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  3. what about anabolic pump and recreate?

  4. Hey judge I got AP but not DCP or Recreate. DCP I dont know if gnc or vit shoppe has that one. I know AP they do I got one.

  5. Who needs GNC when you have NutraPlanet! Check out SlimXtreme, 12hrs clean energy, appetite supression, eurphoric mood, and from the logs, most people are losing 2-3lbs a week. Stacking it with Lean FX would fight coritsol and get your a really ripped look.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Stallion83 View Post
    Hey what do you all think the best and I mean best fat burner you all have tried that really brought results on the market today
    The BEST fat burner is having your DIET targeted at fat loss (and exercising appropriately for it). IMO one doesn't need a fat burner unless they are already relatively lean and want to lose that last few % BF.

    Effective fat burners that I have tried (bearing in mind that I STAY at ~10% BF (no MORE than 12% BF) all-year round and will only use fat burners (SOMETIMES) if I want to get to ~8% BF):
    * Hot-Rox Xtreme (I was losing 0.5-0.7% BF per week on >4000 calories a day!)
    * Lean Xtreme (suppressed appetite, so that I didn't binge as often as I would have, allowing better BF loss).
    * IGF-2 (although NOT a fat burner per se) [stacked with NeoVar Recomped] (gained muscle whilst leaning).

    There are other fat burners out there that would also be very effective (going by their ingredint profiles). A couple I would like to try personally are:
    * Shred Matrix, and
    * VPX Meltdown.
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  7. diet

    I liked the Leviathan/DCP combo....
    Lean FX looks solid
    always liked recreate

  8. Well my diet is precise 5-6 meals a day. Thats always my first. Yeah I saw Leviathan/Recreate was a really awesome stack.

  9. Mitotropin is probably the most promising available on the market

  10. Hmmmm Garpari. He does cytolean right? Never heard of the Mitotropin until now. Seems ok.


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