Dangerous at all?

  1. Dangerous at all?

    Just curious, im taking 3500 mgs of AAKG powder and Jack3d pre-workout, pumps are insane, but i am usually lightheaded and feel like i've been taking hits from a gravity bong, but the work outs are awesome, just curious if this is OK to do, or am i playing a dangerous game with blood pressure and what not?

  2. Are you breathing during lifts?

    I would cut back on the Jacked

  3. Yeah, maybe cut back on the Jack3d a little, and try to drink more water. The extra AAKG wouldn't cause that.

  4. You blood pressure could be dropping if you are taking 5-6g's of AAKG... Try cutting back on the extra AAKG.


    As they said above, cut back on the Jack3d a tad. You could be a little stim sensitive.
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