can ZMA = zinc tablets + magnesium tablets

  1. can ZMA = zinc tablets + magnesium tablets

    I can't order any ZMA for now due to credit card probs.... if i'm to buy it in Aus, i'll be getting ripped off sh1tlessly.... so thinking of just making 'my own'

    is ZMA just zinc -> 30mg, Magnesium -> 450mg and B6 -> 15mg or is there any other minerals involved in ZMa such as a proprietary blend maybe...?


  2. ZMA is patented because of the high availability of the aspartate forms. Nothing hiding in there other than the trio. But you can easily make your own just like you mentioned; just make sure that you aren't getting Magnesium Oxide. Zinc Monomethionine is ideal, picolinate/gluconate is fine too.

  3. cheers man...

    what's wrong with Oxide?
    i got a Magnesium blend here which is mainly oxide... about 45% but the remainder is made of phosphate and chelate.

  4. Poor absorption.

  5. between wal mart, target, walgreens and rite aid -- I was able to put my own togther for wayyyyyy cheaper than ZMA - like 6-8 bux

    just make sure its the correct forms of the mag/b6/zinc and you will save a lot man

  6. Primaforce has cheap ZMA.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Primaforce has cheap ZMA.
    Yup, I pick it up whenever we have a sale and so the $15/2months is even less. I do enough crazy pill popping/matching, it's nice to have the ZMA done easy


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