Liver tab question

  1. Liver tab question

    I have been taking beverly internationals Ultra 40 liver tabs for about 2 weeks now. I take about 20-25 throughout the day and have been amazed at my recovery and endurance while taking them, I am also noticing my hunger has been insane and I have been sleeping like a baby when I fall asleep. I understand Liver tabs contain Hemme iron and people claim its almost impossible to overdose on Hemme iron. Im curious if this is true and why its easier to overdose on synthetic iron. ALso do you guys think the dose I am taking is safe ?

  2. I take uni-liver tabs and love em. Recovery and sleep have been noticeably better @ 12-18 tabs a day. There is a liver tab thread that's kinda old, (where i got the idea to buy them),but in there it was commented anything over 24 tabs is considered toxic,.... and many of the guys in the thread claimed they took right under this number, so i think as long as the dosage is around 20, you'll be fine. Btw,.... you'll know if you are taking enough if your gas has the same smell as when you open the liver tab container, lol.

  3. Thats interesting at about 20-25 i have not even noticed foul smelling gas. When I used to take 6 or 7 protein shakes a day I used to have this rancid smelling egg gas... I have not been lucky enough to have that for years though. I will keep my dosage around 20 then, I was worried of intaking to much iron.

  4. That gas may be a Uni-Liver thing. I have used over 20 Ultra 40's/day as well with no changes in that dept.

    Ultra 40's FTMFW baby!

  5. I've been trying to source bulk Liver Tabs for quite some time. This is, actually, something that I also get good results with.
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  6. Wow...slight threadjack here, but while doing another search for a good supplier I came across this:

    It shows the effects of dessicated liver on rats fed massive doses of DNP - showing major positive effects NOT directly tied to the B vitamin content.

    They also seem to point to issues with b12 deficiency caused by DNP ( which woud explain the massive lethargy somewhat.)

    Fascinating...and I think I might just schedule an experiment.
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