New to prohormones

  1. New to prohormones

    I have been doing some research. I have been hearing that taking them orally is def not the way to go. If anyone has any kind of input for me I would really appreciate it. I also and wanting to cycle for the first time pretty soon, and would really like some detailed advice on what and how to take a certain cycle that would be good for my first time. Thanks to everyone that could help me out.

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  2. Lol ur joking right? Most prohormones are taken via oral ingestion and the only transdermal product that I can think of that produces results is PP 1-T. Who told you that taking them orally is "def not the way to go?" I've never heard of taking them another way except orally or transdermally. If you want to pin, you'll need some real gear then brotha. Before even considering anything hormonal, can you please post your stats so we can help you out? (Experience, Age, Height/weight, diet...etc)

  3. Post up those stats in the right section first ..
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AK32408 View Post
    Post up those stats in the right section first ..
    Yea your right this really should be in the steroid section...

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