Pro Hormones... Whats good? Whats not?

  1. Pro Hormones... Whats good? Whats not?

    Ok so about july I decided to start lifting and taking some supplements, I had seen alot of guys that had blown up and I became really interested in doing the same... So I visited complete nutrition and grabbed a bottle of 17 phero ex and stacked it with DHEA, I had significant gains with this stack but they didnt tell me to take a post cycle after this. So I went ahead and did another bottle of phero and stacked it with cyclo tren which i had ridiculous gains, I went from 170 on bench to 265 in a matter of a month and a half... May sound like a lie but its true. Ok so now im wondering why a month and a half later im just now getting signs of gyno? I am taking a post cycle of 6-oxo and im wondering if that would do the trick... Also after this is up I was wondering what u guys might think of 5 deca zol, if u have heard of it

  2. well bro 6oxo is just an OTC test booster. if you do any type of PH use, it is strongly recommended to take a SERM such as Clomid or Nolva to avoid gyno. OTC stuff hasnt been proven to be as effective as a SERM so that could possibly be the problem.

    as far as the 5 deca zol, it is just a deca clone. what are your goals? do you just want size and mass? this would help me determine what type of PH is ideal...

  3. i would suggest u pick up a SERM and search more about what ur putting into ur own body...steroids are a tricky thing especially the 17-alkalyted/methylated ones..

  4. Not trying to blast you, but...

    You blow thru 2 cycles without PCT almost right when you first start lifting. You have problems and come here asking for help. For that, I applaude you. Mistakes happen, and you manned up and admitted it. What I don't get is you seem just as concerned with doing your next cycle as you are getting your budding boobies under control.

    From one Newb to another. Get your health squared away and run a year long cycle of food, protien, creatine, BCAA's and a multi-vitamin. The results will blow you away.

  5. Lurk, that is a great post I couldnt agree with you more. To answer your question Ghillyard, the only reason I can think of that you experienced a gyno flare up after a month or so is that maybe you still had some of the phero/tren in your system. After running two cycles in a row with no knowledge of estrogenic effects you might be running into trouble. 6oxo as a standalone will NOT SUFFICE for a proper pct for the cycles you have ran. You without a doubt need a SERM and if the problem gets too out of hand you may want to see a doctor.

  6. gym warrior 6-OXO isn't a test booster it is an estrogen inhibitor... it actually resets your testosterone to estrogen ratio, making a greater overal differents between serum test and serum estrogen... and is a good pct for most prohormones... you guys are going a lil overboard doing serms for prohormone cycles... and going way overboard in prohormone cycles as well... alot of the rules apply to ph's as to steroids... if ur cycle last 6 weeks you need to take at least 6 weeks off before restarting... or u will not be getting full restoration of natural hormon levels... spending too long on ph's is causing the need for serms.. you can still totally shut down test and cause aromatization with the ph's but it is usually because of megadosing and staying on way too long... use your actual nutrients as your constants and cycle in the ph's a few times a year... you will see better results and save money and your health...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Lurk View Post
    From one Newb to another. Get your health squared away and run a year long cycle of food, protien, creatine, BCAA's and a multi-vitamin. The results will blow you away.

    right on the nose mate!

  8. It's not that uncommon, I got gyno almost 6 + months after a PP/SD cycle.. Maybe you didn't notice the immediet signs of the gyno until you actually felt/ saw the lump (things like itchyness/soreness/sensitivity)

    Also you started juicing WAY to early.. Half the people on here want to "blow up" but getting fit isn't an overnight process.. Your gains will dissapear as soon as you stop working out: while those of us who go the natural route will hold gains longer. (most likely)

    To help out with the gyno: find Tamoxifen Citrate Research Chemical online.. (nolva).. Take this, search here for proper dosing.

    If that doesnt work, the ONLY permanent gyno removal is through surgery: start saving up $..

  9. you will get better qualified responses posting in either the pct section- Post Cycle Therapy - or the steroid section - Steroids

    that's about as best advie i can give you but...

    in my humble opinion ghillyard441, you've made a big f*cking mistake hitting those cycles way too soon and without learning about what it was you were taking and what you needed to get through it all without the potential side effects. but what's done is done so get over to that pct section and see what you can learn

    i also think you need to forget about "cycles" like these for quite a while until you sort your shit out and learn what it is you need to learn.

    good luck and welcome to the board


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