Prescribed drugs with supplements..Help!

  1. Prescribed drugs with supplements..Help!

    Im 19 years old and im currently stacking Anabolic Pump and Powerfull. I had my wisdom teeth taken out recently and was prescribed Vicodin, is this ok to take alongside with the supplements?

  2. I wouldn't think so but don't take my word for it. Hopefully with this bump a USP rep will step in and answer your question.

  3. Ask a physician and noone else. There are so many known and unknown interactions between supplements and drugs, it's not worth the risk IMO. Better just lay off the supps for as long as you take the vicodin, a few days without them won't hurt your progress.

  4. I've answered this question in your other thread. I'm getting the feeling that you want someone to just flat out tell you to, "take them, it's cool - rock on." You won't get that here; however, you can read the responses in your other thread and go from there.
    Here, i'll make it easy for you... USP Labs representative

    I hope that you recover fast!

  5. The *rule* is consult your doctor about such things.

    The problem with that is your doc's virtually guaranteed ignorance of & indifference to - your 'special supps'.

    Since most dox think supplementation of any sort is bogus, s/he will almost certainly tell you to stop wasting your money on all of them.

    Since you're not working out until your gums heal (RIGHT?) you'll lose nothing by letting your body focus on healing the surgery

    Spoken as a vet of many doctors, many supplements - and many oral surgeries (next one: one week from today).



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