Best Tasting Protein

  1. Best Tasting Protein

    Wifey wants me to get her a good protein shake she take take during the day..

    WHat do you guys recommend as best tasting to blend strictly with water, low fat and low carbs

    I read that the Syntrax Nectar flavors were pretty good but open to thoughts... keyword SuppTalk Radio

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  2. Champion Nutrition Pure Whey chocolate is amazing and only has 4g of carbs per serving with 23g protein

  3. champions is good yes, nectar i dont so much care for. Is she going to be mixing with a spoon or blender? If blender i would say go with 2 TBlsp Peanut butter, 2 cap full of EVOO, 1/2-1 whole banana, 2 scoops All they whey cupcake batter protein, and 8 ounces of milk. A VERY TASTY MILKSHAKE!

  4. all the whey cinnamon bun

  5. For some reason, Syntha 6 , especially Mochachino is the favourite protein of most women I know. They also really like CinnamonBun on their instant oatmeal.

  6. Most of the Optimum Nutrition flavors!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  7. Muscle Milk no question! Oh you said low fat and carbs.

    Nectar then

  8. Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream...... The absolute best that i've tried thus far... Mixed with 8-12oz (depending on how much powder) of FF milk, it is amazing

  9. right now, i'n loving xtreme formulations ultra peptide 2.0 chocolate peanut butter

  10. On Vanillla Ice Creaaam


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