cant decide which cissus product to buy

  1. Question cant decide which cissus product to buy

    cant decide which cissus product to buy. i can cap my own stuff so thats no an issue. i was debating between either NP Cissus Caps 50% (100 caps/400mg) or Cissus Powder (500 grams). i know the 500g powder is not as potent and would require more powder/pills to equal the 50%. would i be better off with the 50% 400mg caps or 500g powder? thanks.

    im hoping to place my order by the end of the weekend so the quicker the response the better.

  2. Do a search on cissus, the answers are all there. Here's just one thread of hundreds I saw who makes the best cissus product .
    Basically higher extract = More Anabolic Ketosterones, lower % extract is believed to have more therapeutic/recovery properties.
    If you do go with 50%, don't buy the bulk powder; the caps are cheaper gram for gram

  3. i did do a search. i went through 5-6 pages and i couldnt find the info i was looking for =/ but now you got me curious to which one i should get? if i get the 50% would i be safe just taking one a day? if i bought the bulk powder i would have to take 4 a day just to equal out.

  4. I would recommend trying the 50% caps, at 2 or 3/day. But are you trying to heal joints or looking for anabolic properties?

  5. Primaforces Cissus has worked the best for me when I used it.

  6. im wanting to use it purely for joint therapy
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryaroberts View Post
    im wanting to use it purely for joint therapy

    How about using the Product that started the Cissus revolution and is proven hundred times over...

    When it comes to Joint health why risk it.

    Super Cissus Rx the Product that started the Cissus Revolution.

  8. I've used many cissus products, both bulk and otherwise, and Super Cissus is far better than the others. bb . com has bulk super cissus, I think.

  9. 5% cissus worked best for me and some fairly severe joint problems I had (walking concrete floor 8+ hrs/day = bad knees). Got no relief from the 10% Cissus extracts, didn't try the primaforce 40%.

  10. if the lower % is better, then wouldn't NP bulk cissus be the best?

  11. 3% ****ty cissus is still ****. All cissus is not equal. Bulk cissus blows.

  12. Primaforce worked wonders for me as well!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  13. Super Cissus Rx gets my vote. Worked on my shoulder when others didn't.

  14. Bottom line: We're all unique, and we all respond differently to the various cissus extractions. Try one and go from there.

  15. I used the caps 50 percent from nutra, and taking 3 caps per day got rid of my tennis elbow within 2 weeks, never came back.
    But everyone is different, like stevo said, so you might respond to a lesser, or higher dose.

  16. Osteo-Sport or super cissus

    cant go wrong with either 2 Deployed blogging

  17. i went ahead and purchased super cissus rx.


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