Nutraplanet's Super Pump Stack

  1. Nutraplanet's Super Pump Stack

    I recently purchased Nutraplanet's Super Pump Stack and am curious as to how I should take it. The stack consists of: 100 gm CEE 600mg per 1/4 tsp, 100 gm Citrulline Malate 700mg per 1/4 tsp, 100 gram Arginine Ethyl Ester 700mg per 1/4 tsp and 500 gram AAKG 700mg per 1/4 tsp. Can someone please help me with the dosing. So far, I've been taking a tsp of the AAKG 3 times a day. and 2 tsp each of the other three before my workout. I'm no chemist so any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I forgot to mention that I'm using this as pre-workout.

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