Maca and Tongkat Ali (Longjack)-Anybody having lower libido & perform

  1. Maca and Tongkat Ali (Longjack)-Anybody having lower libido & perform

    Hi All-

    I'm just a regular fortysomthing guy who is looking to regain the edge that time has dulled. I have tried dosing Tongkat Ali (Longjack) and Maca with mixed results. The I have tried dosing the TA at 150-200mg per day of 100:1 extract, and the Maca at 2-4 g per day of powder, both separately and stacked.

    It seems like with initial use after a layoff, I get a definite surge in performance for a day or two, but then I have a drop-off to a lower level than w/o supps. Can anyone explain this?

    Are there any alternate dosing strategies I should try, or should I just quit messing with this stuff?

    BTW, I take ZMA 3 capsules every night before bed. I do think that there is a definite benefit from ZMA, and it doesn't seem to need cycling like the herbals.

  2. Not the expert on this stuff, but from my experience and other posts in here.... seems like fenugreek, DTH, sunami might help you out. You can stack sunami with DTH. Not sure if you can stack them with fenugreek. I know when I cycled, my libido went down, and Reversitol brought it back. I now take sunami and prime, and I am loving it so far. My DTH should be here next week.

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